» Innovation in technology and business processes is our Driving Philosophy at Bry-Air by Mr. Ashok Kumar Prusty
BryairMedia CoverageInnovation in technology and business processes is our Driving Philosophy at Bry-Air by Mr. Ashok Kumar Prusty

Innovation in technology and business processes is our Driving Philosophy at Bry-Air by Mr. Ashok Kumar Prusty

By: Ashok-Prusty, Executive Vice President, Bry-Air | The Machine Maker | Wednesday, 06 January 2020

Ashok Kumar Prusty-Bry-AirBry-Air and its group companies offer a wide range of products catering to varied customer needs related to dehumidification, gas phase filtration, plastic drying and conveying, dry rooms for lithium battery production and adsorption chillers. Bry-Air solutions are backed by intensive research and are highly customized and engineered to customer needs. In an exclusive interaction with Machine Maker, Ashok Kumar Prusty, Executive Vice President of Bry-Air (Asia) Private Limited talks about Automation in Capital Good and Automotive industry, excerpts.

“Our product offerings are not mass-produced like automotive, fast-moving consumer goods but are pertinent to batch production and customization. Innovation in technology and business processes is the driving philosophy at Bry-Air and its group companies”, explains Mr. Prusty when asked about the details of the automation deployed in the capital goods industry and where it is sourced from.

He further tells that the capital goods industry contributes approximately 12% to the overall manufacturing in India. It is arguably the most investment heavy industry that requires well-strategized planning to achieve the desired output. Since it serves as a strong base for its engagement across sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, and Consumer goods, the capital goods industry in an economy like ours requires to be cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

Capital goods are vulnerable to damage and wastage which can be avoided through the deployment of automation and technologies. These technologies are an output of years of exhaustive research combined with continuous efforts to develop. The industrial automation industry in India is expected to touch $3.5 billion by 2020. Automation in the manufacturing industry has made manufacturing processes efficient and defect-free.

The process of manufacturing has transitioned from being manual to machine run. This has been the biggest automation in this sector.

Manufacturing processes

Adaptation of Artificial Intelligence and transition to Industry 4.0 is fast changing the manufacturing space. Certain key features like remote control access, predictive maintenance and usage of augmented technology for energy efficiency are driving the way forward and leading to huge savings and higher ROI of the capital goods. Another perspective of automation being deployed in the capital goods industry and relevant to our business operations, leading to huge savings to our customers is the usage of dehumidifiers.

He adds, “We have been witnessing a major change in industries like pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, agri-inputs, dairy, defense, electronics, chemicals, and many more; wherein after installing dehumidifiers and moving away from the traditional methods/ practices, the capital good users have reduced wastages, improved efficiencies in production, high energy savings, etc. all finally leading to better ROI, brand equity and satisfaction”.

All the major technological advancements are primarily generated by customer needs and with the growing advent of digital transformation in the manufacturing and capital goods industry, there is a huge revolution shaping to drive economies to scale.

“Automotive industry has been one of the key investors in automation due to the very nature of the industry”, shares Mr. Prusty when asked about the fewer investments flowing from the sector. The last few months have been fairly stagnated and little investments have been made across industries. Automotives being no exception. There seems to be a slowdown with sentiments driving the automotive industry to be precarious.

Bry-Air, the leader in dehumidification worldwide, supply customized dehumidifiers with world-class technology to the companies manufacturing various goods and products for diverse sectors. If you refer to the beginning of this journey, both robotic and digital automation began in the 1960s. In these four decades the amount of investment, R&D, the efficiency of the product has only increased and become better.

With India’s unequivocal commitment to a better future, the automotive industry is now focused on achieving excellence in Electric Vehicles (EV). Other than the vehicle itself, another very crucial aspect of making EV a success in India is the manufacturing of its batteries. And when it comes to batteries, Lithium-ion batteries are the best form of storage batteries to run an EV.

The growth of the EV industry in India is opening multiple horizons within the sector and providing growth opportunities.

EV Industry

The manufacturing in the Li-ion batteries requires a controlled environment where there is no moisture. Such rooms, especially developed by Bry-Air in India, are known as Dry Rooms. As I was mentioning earlier, over the half-century, Bry-Air has developed a vast understanding of adsorptions, and adsorption-based technologies about air and its industrial interface.

“Our knowledge and experience gained have given birth to innovative products such as the Green DryPurge® (GDP) dehumidifier from Bry-Air”, shares Mr. Prusty. It is the most efficient and economical solution to provide dry air required for Lithium-battery production. These dehumidifiers are specially designed to control moisture levels in the lithium-battery manufacturing areas from -40°C to -80°C dew point depending on the process being carried out.

He adds, “Similarly, through years of knowledge and research, we have about 13 patented technologies that are continuously used in helping customers achieving their business goals –Profitability Productivity and Sustainability”. Bry-Air helps world-renowned companies to solve critical engineering challenges across the globe. EV Space is the newest avenue where research and development has a big role to play.

On asking about the new trends and technologies being seen in the Automotive and Capital Goods segment Mr. Prusty told, “The automation has taken center stage in the automotive and capital goods segment. The process of manufacturing of these goods has transitioned”. Artificial intelligence has been the front runner in the manufacturing industry and with Industry 4.0 revolutionizing the sector, there has been a forward movement in full force.

“We believe that these technologies would absolutely improve the industry and certain key features like remote control access, predictive maintenance and usage of augmented technology for energy efficiency will lead to a sustainable exploitation of resources both natural and manmade,” says Mr. Prusty.

Bry-Air has 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and over five decades of experience in applications, manufacturing, engineering and R&D in the field of dehumidification & environment control solutions, with several patents to its credit. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, Bry-Air plants are among the most modern in the industry, supported by strong R&D & testing, computerized 3D designing, CNC fabrication, powder coating facilities, and automated conveying system. Bry-Air’s R&D center is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology and is undoubtedly one of the finest in the industry. The center is constantly engaged in state-of-the-art product development in desiccant based and fluted media technologies. Bry-Air has filed many international patents and several of them have been granted.

“With our unequivocal focus on Research and Development, we, routinely, collaborate with scientists and global research institutes, test labs, and universities to bring the thought leadership and innovation together to create a truly world-class solution for our customers – in India and across the globe”, shares Mr. Prusty. Supported by a robust sales and service network worldwide, Bry-Air has a number of subsidiary offices and representatives to spread its wing and provide value-added solutions and services to its customers across the globe.

Bry-Air Prokon, a subsidiary of Bry-Air was formed in Chiasso, Switzerland to cater to a futuristic need of inline moisture analysis in the plastics and other related industries. Bry-Air Prokon, today, is a well-established and recognized the name in the fast-growing Moisture Analyzer market. Bry-Air Prokon specializes in real-time Inline Moisture Measurement for varied industrial applications. It has a long and illustrious legacy backed by “Swiss made technology” and “technical know-how & experience from the leaders in dehumidification worldwide”.

“Be it our home-country India or our operations and partnerships abroad, all our efforts are aimed at keeping the customer at the center, at the heart, and to improve overall air quality by touching people’s lives round the clock”, concludes Ashok Kumar Prusty. For more details do visit www.

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