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Deepak Pahwa

Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman

Bry-Air enjoys high HVACR community company has been brand recall among and the users. The at the forefront of innovation and the new products that the company is churning out bear testimony to it. On the launch pad now is the next generation of Chilled Seams which visitors to Acrex 2014 will be able to witness. Innovative ACR touched base with the company management to understand its views on topics relevant to the industry. Excerpts from an interaction with Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman of Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

There is talk of an economic turnaround. What’s your view and do you think this will translate into better response at ACREX 2014?

Given the fact that elections are just around the corner, the economy has been giving a lot of mixed signals. The economic activity in the manufacturing sector has been largely declining. There is no magic wand to improve the economic situation, but there is a whole lot of opportunity if we tread the path of innovation.

Innovation in all segments of business, be it technology or product or business processes, is the key driver for growth. And Education and knowledge are the key catalysts for innovation.

ACREX is the largest international show in South Asia on Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Service. It has always drawn a lot of relevant visitors, both domestic and international. We will be showcasing many new technologies and products at ACREX 2014.

What are your expectations from this year’s outing?

We will be showcasing many new technologies and products from Bry-Air and DRI this year. We will be launching the latest in Chilled Beams at ACREX 2014, New Delhi. Like every year, we hope to meet our business associates, and establish good contacts.

Do you propose to exhibit any new products at ACREX 2014?

DRI will be launching the next generation of Chilled Beams, christened “Ecobeam” series, which have been developed in Asia for Asia and high humid areas around the world. We will also be launching the complete range of Evaporative Cooling Solutions. We will also be introducing to the HVAC & R industry, TDS … Technical Drying Services, a Pahwa Enterprise, which provides rental services for short term humidity control.

What are your primary products that you want visitors to look for?

ACREX gives us an opportunity to display our technologyl product range to the HVAC & R industry, as well as to review what is showcased by others. We have many new products which we are showcasing at ACREX this year.

Also, we will be displaying our range on:

  • Chilled Beams
  • Evaporative Cooling Solutions
  • Data Center Air Purifier

Could you share with us some of the features of your main products? As I have mentioned above, we will be launching the latest in Chilled Beams at ACREX 2014. Our press release says it all, and we will be letting you know further details soon. One can visit our website (s) and

There is strong competition in the area you operate in. How do you hope to stay ahead of the pack?

At Bry-Air and DRI, flagship companies of Pahwa Enterprises, innovation both in technology as well as business processes has been the driver behind our growth.

Are there any recent technological advances you would like to project during the Expo?

We will be showcasing the next generation of Chilled Beams, which have been developed in Asia for Asia and high humid areas around the world. The product has been developed with latest CFD techniques. The innovative technology and patents (applied for) are the basis for DRl’s range of Chilled Beams christened “Ecobeam” series.

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