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Sanjeev Khanna, Business Unit Head (Plastics Division), Bry-Air | Plastics News | February 2009

Sanjeev Khanna, Bry-AirAn interview with Mr. Sanjeev Khanna, Business Unit Head (Plastic Division) of BryAir

If you could tell about your background

BE Elect Engg. Having a total experience of 14 years & with Bry-Air since 1996…

What are the various machines or equipment / products that you provide?

Pahwa group A group of 6 Airgineering companies specializing in technologies, products and services with “desiccant at the core”., Bry Air manufacturing Industrial dehumidifiers & plastic auxiliary equipment.

BryAir offers the latest in Plastic Drying & Conveying, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, worldwide operations and customers in almost every industry.

ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified Bry-Air, worldwide, is known for its expertise as a “Solutions” company for moisture and humidity control for general industry as well as reliable auxiliaries for plastics.

You have your presence across countries.. do you find any differences in terms of market?

Today in this era of globalization, the demands of the Indian customers are similar to that of their western counterparts and the same quality is expected from any supplier.

What are the innovations that you’d had during these years?

BryAir is the third manufacturer of honey comb rotors, other two being from Sweden & Japan.

BryAir is the first Indian company in auxiliaries to introduce Honey Comb rotor based dryers for Indian as well as overseas market.

How has been the progress over the years (y-o-y basis) in terms of volume and / financial gains?

We have been steadily growing our market share in Indian as well as some overseas markets directly as well as indirectly.

Currently in some key segments of dryers our share is more than 60%>

Similarly in conveying systems we are no. 2 in terms of No. of stations this year.

Incidentally we launched this last year and have received overwhelming response from our customers both in terms of repeat business and reliability topped with efficient service.

If you could elaborate on awards that you have received, the details.

Over the years we have been repeatedly receiving prominent industry awards.

From the last 8 years we are received the export promotion council Awards for the leading exporter.

Where do you see your company say five years down the line?

At moment we are 200cr company & with kind of growth expected and expansions planned we easily see our-self at 500+ crore company.

Considering the current scenario how do you plan to tackle the situation?

Though we do approx 40% exports, but we are not dependent only on few selected markets for the business.

We have approx 160+ reps & agents around the world apart from our own factories/offices/licenses in US/Brazil/Malaysia/China/Germany/Dubai/South Africa/Australia/Japan/Thailand/Korea.

We expect do business in the developing countries which will bring the target growth.

Are you planning any investments / JV in near future?

At the moment we do not see any possibility of any joint venture in India, but we are seriously considering M&A in Europe & Korea.

May be in future we may get into a JV for any expanded business.

What are the new avenues / markets for plastic?

I will say about the auxiliary business.

Lot of automation with higher production rates with highest efficiency and power savings is expected to drive the business for us.

Also the demands in the quality expectations of various MNC to meet the global standard of manufacturing will be the key drivers for the plastic industry in India.

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