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BryairMedia CoverageHow moisture is the deciding factor for quality rapid antigen test kits

How moisture is the deciding factor for quality rapid antigen test kits

Dhirendra Choudhary, CEO, Bry-Air | Sucess Insights India | January 19, 2022

dhirendra-choudharySince the advent of COVID-19, there has been a lot of stress on the pharmaceutical industry to constantly meet the growing need for drugs, testing kits, vaccines, and other medical products without compromising on the highest quality standards. With the third wave spreading rampantly the pressure has been intensified amplifying the dire need for COVID-19 rapid test kits and other such critical diagnostic kits.

But there has been skepticism around the authenticity of Rapid Antigen Test results. Various articles have thrown light on the incorrect rapid COVID test results. This has proved to be catastrophic in the battle against the notorious COVID virus as the patients receiving negative reports are spreading disease exponentially to other people until they are experiencing some serious symptoms. Considering that the third wave is more contagious, any wrong report can play havoc with the lives of the people.

Hence, to comply with the rising demand for quality test kits, moisture control solutions have emerged as the viable option for manufacturing error-free kits and devices. For an accurate diagnosis, it is imperative to conduct COVID rapid test kit manufacturing and lab testing in a controlled environment. As a result, the dehumidification technology must be deployed at all the manufacturing, storage, and packaging locations of the diagnostic kits.

It is very important to note that components of diagnostic kits are highly hygroscopic. This indicates that moisture or humidity control has a significant role to play in ascertaining the correct test results. Therefore, the kits and devices must be made and packaged in a dry environment lest it will react with moisture giving an inaccurate result. The production of the quick test must be carried out in a highly controlled humidity room because the presence of high humidity leads to the absorption of the moisture in the sample surface, absorbent surface, and the conjugated surface of the sample which hinders the sample and misguides one to an incorrect result.

Having seen that moisture is the biggest peril in the manufacturing of rapid test kits and other diagnostic devices as it causes major physical, microbiological, and biochemical deterioration of the samples after coming in contact with moisture, desiccant dehumidification must be employed to obtain moisture-free air. Dehumidification is the process which removes the moisture/ humidity from the air and desiccants in the technology suck up the additional moisture released by the air without changing the size or shape or other properties of the pharmaceutical product.

Bry-Air Dehumidifier Range for Pharmaceutical Industry

Hence, to counter the menace of moisture, Bry-Air Dehumidifiers helps in providing the desired environment by controlling temperature and moisture levels for different chemical compositions/pharma products. Especially, for the pharmaceutical industry, Bry-Air has designed products that enhance productivity at a low cost, gains higher throughput with limited resources, and reach economies of scale. Our extensive range of best-in-class Bry- Air BrySmart series (BBS) desiccant dehumidifiers is capable of delivering energy savings of up to 48%, plus an additional 20% through a customized rotor by reducing initial react energy input for the equivalent performance of the standard dehumidifier.


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