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Helping Food Industry with Humidity Control Solutions

A Brief Insight:

Dinesh Gupta, Bry-AirBry-Air, the leader in dehumidification … worldwide, is a global solution provider for: Humidity control, moisture removal and product drying. Gas phase filtration.. Plastics drying and conveying High temperature heat recovery, Dry room solutions critical for lithium battery production and. Adsorption cooling. A Pahwa Group company. Bry-Air Asia has 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and fully owned subsidiaries in Malaysia, China. Switzerland, Brazil and Nigeria and an associate plant in USA. supported by a robust sales and service network worldwide.

Bry-Air dehumidifiers provide the most simple and cost effective solution for humidity control. They are available from compact models to very complex engineered systems and are designed to meet the most stringent moisture removal I humidity control needs across industries. The Airgineers at Bry-Air have several years of application engineering experience and are trained to provide solutions in moisture and humidity control for varied industrial applications.

Services offered:

Bry-Air dehumidifiers installed at the  Processing, packaging, testing & sampling, drying and storage areas of food companies have been instrumental in addressing key moisture related problems  such as moisture regain, mold/ fungus prevention, moisture control in pneumatic conveying operations, spray drying, product drying, coating lines etc. Bry-Air dehumidifiers not only maintain the required humidity level but also ensure cleaner production environment as the desiccant provided in the dehumidifier filters out bacteria and other spores. The growing consumer awareness and appetite for quality and safe products has made manufacture and exporters to go for the best equipment during the various processes of manufacturing. With a marginal  increase in investment food companies have relied on Bry-Air dehumidifiers to ensure compliance to international and domestic food standards and regulations. Companies manufacturing infant food, health food dairy products, frozen/sea food, meat products and many more have all preferred usage of dehumidifiers and that of Bry-Air whose experience of over 55 years In the air treatment solution business has helped us establish the trust and goodwill. Leading multinationals and Indian conglomerates operating in the food and beverages sub-segments like candies and confectionaries, savouries tea and coffee, spices, dairy, instant food, health food, frozen food, cold Stores, organic food, seeds, infant food, etc. across countries, regions and continents have installed Bry-Air dehumidifier and reaped the benefits over the years.

The food manufacturing and exporters, once they begin to use a dehumidifier, realize  that many of their pain areas which were not address previously (by use of traditional methods or due to lack of awareness) have started showing positive benefits and results that 100 at a marginal investment. Bry·Air dehumidifiers have been sold to various leading domestic and international food companies and we have built a strong reference database over the years. Bry-Air’s belief in innovation in technology and business process and the passion to deliver the best for its customer has led to sustain and sail through many an economic slowdowns.

Business footprints in future:

The Green DryPurge (GDP) and BrySmart (BBS) series are  examples of the dehumidification space to cater to the modem day requirements of the  industry. The Green DryPurge dehumidifier technology is the most energy efficient  dehumidifier for < 1% RH dry rooms. The Bry-Air BrySmart Series (BBS) dehumidifier is the all new, forwarding looking and intelligent dehumidifier. It is a Green product, high on energy saving, simple yet cost effective solution for all your humidity related problems across diversified industries. The product is embedded   with the patented BrySmart® and BryTherm technologies and is capable of delivering upto 48% energy saving, plus an additional 20% through the customized rotor which reduces initial react energy input for equivalent performance of standard dehumidifiers.

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