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Bry-Air | Industrial Products Finder | December 15, 2009
Bry-Air, India’s leading dehumidifier equipment manufacturer, has launched a new series of green dehumidifiers, EcoDry. The new series has been launched simultaneously in the USA, Europe, China, Japan and Asia and will help industrial users attain up to 45 per cent energy savings. EcoDry dehumidifiers incorporate the BrySmart EMS (energy management system) technology. Unlike the present product technologies and control systems. BrySmart EMS, is a microprocessor-based, cutting-edge dehumidification control system, based on inputs of several key parameters, processing these with in-built algorithm and modulating various devices/components in the system to optimize energy usage based on varying ambient conditions and internal sensible and latent loads. Existing installations with EcoDry dehumidifiers with BrySmart EMS. This will result in less energy consumption resulting in lower electricity bills.

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