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BryairMedia CoverageDEHUMIDIFICATION SOLUTIONS: There’ll be more of investment by way of consumption than by manufacturing capability

DEHUMIDIFICATION SOLUTIONS: There’ll be more of investment by way of consumption than by manufacturing capability

By: Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director, Bry-Air and Chairman, Pahwa Group | Efficient Manufacturing | Tuesday, 18 August 2020


Deepak Pahwa

…cites Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman, Pahwa Group and Managing Director, Bry-Air (Asia), a tête-à-tête with Anvita Pillai. The Pahwa Group, where innovation is life, is the fastest growing Adsorption Technology Group in the world. Under Pahwa’s leadership, the group has filed 123 patent applications for 13 new technologies, at national and international level, 43 patents granted/already allowed. In this discussion, he elaborates on the importance of dehumidification in pharma & automotive sector, changes expected in the business and more. Excerpts…

Dehumidification/moisture control solutions were important across all stages of the pharma sector. Now, on the pretext of COVID-19, how do you think the importance of these solutions is going to change?

We are in the space of air quality management for industrial, commercial and residential segments. One thing that is paramount for the pharmaceutical products & drugs is moisture control to produce materials properly and for a longer shelf life. So, COVID or no COVID, moisture control solutions are going to be important for the pharma sector.

Other than the pharma sector, how is the dehumidifier solution going to help the automotive industry, especially with EVs being an agenda the industry is looking forward to?

We are now looking at a smart precipitous transition to EVs, more so in the next five years, in India. Now, whatever we plan on doing has to be on the back of local manufacturing of one essential item – the battery, which is a composition of cells. Currently, a lot of batteries are being made in India by importing cells, but the government has been talking very actively about developing capacity to manufacture cells in India for the last two years. Our company, Bry-Air (Asia), developed & patented a technology for producing ultra-low dry air 8-10 years ago, which brings the two technologies of dehumidification & creation of dry room together for all the companies invested in cell manufacturing in India.

Besides the fact that there is a pandemic going on, it is important to innovate to cater to the now changing demands of the customer. In what ways is your organisation innovating to adapt to the changing market demands?

I don’t think we will be affected by COVID-19 at all. On the contrary, I believe, the business will grow. The investment plans may get slightly delayed; but unlike other sectors, there will be continuous investment for us from the food, pharma and li-ion battery manufacturing sector. I think, there’ll be more of investment by way of consumption and not by manufacturing capability.

How has the COVID-19 period changed the situation on your manufacturing shop floor? How are you prioritising employee health and safety during this time?

Assuming a potential step by step growth, we have taken adequate measures on our shop floor for employee safety. Considering our productions are voluminous, the average manufacturing space that is a portion to our worker is about 500-1000 square feet per person. So, COVID or no COVID, we are distanced sufficiently & are taking other hygiene measures, too.

Going forward, what is going to be your approach for a resilient business which is prepared for a situation like the present pandemic?

For starters, our current manufacturing plants are in Gurgaon and two of our new plants are in Manesar. So, we have capacity and we can easily shift production. Also, now, everyone is learning everyday how to coexist with COVID-19 by becoming several times more careful than what we were during the beginning of the pandemic. So, unless something drastic happens, we don’t see ourselves coming under the threat of a complete business stop.

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