Eco-Dry worlds most energy-efficient Green Dehumidifiers
BryairMedia CoverageBry-Air launches Eco-Dry worlds most energy-efficient Green Dehumidifiers

Bry-Air launches Eco-Dry worlds most energy-efficient Green Dehumidifiers

Bry-Air | Express Pharma | December 2009

Energy Efficient green Dehumidifier

Bry-Air, India’s leading dehumidifier equipment manufacturer has launched a new series of green dehumidifier, EcoDry. The new series has been launched simultaneously in USA, Europe, China, Japan & Asia and will help industrial users attain up to 45% energy savings.

The new EcoDry dehumidifiers incorporate the BrySmart EMS (Energy Management System) technology. Unlike the present product technologies and control systems, BRYSMART EMS, is a microprocessor-based, cutting-edge dehumidification control system, based on inputs of several key parameters, processing these with in-built algorithm and modulating various devices/components in the system to optimize energy usage based on varying ambient conditions and internal sensible & latent loads. Existing installations can also save energy up to 45% by retrofitting their existing installations with EcoDry Dehumidifiers with BrySmart EMS. This will result in less energy consumption resulting in lower electricity bills.

Bry-Air Asia mainly owns the recent patent (pending) for this innovation. The technology has being jointly introduced in the market place along with its associates, Bry-Air, USA. This is the 9th patent to the credit of the Bry-Air group.



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