Bry-Air displays its latest range at PlastIndia 2009 | Bry-Air
BryairMedia CoverageBry-Air displays its latest range at PlastIndia 2009 Bry-Air, only company in India to manufacture and export this technology

Bry-Air displays its latest range at PlastIndia 2009 Bry-Air, only company in India to manufacture and export this technology

  • Honeycomb Resin Dryer -BHD Series
  • Conveying System- BCS Series
  • Mould Dehumidification System – MDS Series

The New Honeycomb technology Bry-Air Resin Dryers with Bry-Air Wheel- BHD Series

  • Honeycomb Resin DryersA major breakthrough in Resin Drying
  • Energy Consumption slashed by up to 25%

The New Bry-Air Resin Dryer with BryWheel is the next level in resin drying. The Bry-Air Resin dryer with BryWheels ensures you have a much better control over dew point and temperature. Bry-Air Resin Dryer incorporate the BryWheel desiccant rotors specially crafted for very low dew point upto (-) 65°C.

The Powder Coated CNC fabricated line is light weight, simple and easy to operate and more energy efficient. The dryer is mounted on sturdy frame with slide out side panels for problem free Maintenance.

Bry-Air Conveying Systems automates resin conveying reducing down time and increasing up time, thus reducing costs and improving competitive edge.

Bry-Air Conveying Systems

No Spillage, thus clean accident free shop floor ensuring to material wastage.

Right Material for the right machine at the right time … allow quick change over of material, thus ensuring continuous feed of material.

Various conveying system required can be catered to …..

  • Conveying and mixing of regrind material with virgin material automatically
  • Purging or cleaning the material line at the end of every conveying cycle in case of conveying dried material
  • Conveying the material with dry air

Dry , quality with compressed air is an absolute must for PET blow moulding process

DelPet Compressed Air

DelPet Compressed Air are specialty designed for PET bottles manufacturing process compressed air is used to blow the bottles / containers to the shape and size.

DelPet delivers dry, clean, oil -free compressed air at elevated pre7 to 40 bar for :

  • Crystal clear PET Bottles/ Containers without internal Bubbles / pockmarks
  • High strength PET Bottles/ Containers
  • Contamination free PET Resin
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