» Bry-Air celebrates 71st Republic Day by touching lives of 660 people across Haryana
BryairMedia CoverageBry-Air celebrates 71st Republic Day by touching lives of 660 people across Haryana

Bry-Air celebrates 71st Republic Day by touching lives of 660 people across Haryana

Bry-Air, the fastest growing Adsorption Technology group in the world, hosted 71st Republic Day celebrations with CSR activities across
the state of Haryana.

Bry-Air organized an eye-camp in Bhudiki Village, Palwal providing free checkups to 310 people receiving 21 free cataract surgeries, 187 free spectacles and free medicines to the needy people. In addition to this, BryAir also co-organized a Sports-Day with DRI for underprivileged students in Dharam Colony, Gurugram to provide them a platform to showcase their talent.

The Eye-Camp, which is also the flagship program initiated by BryAir, saw a huge participation from the people in Bhudiki village and
nearby villages including Khirbi, Banswa Ramgarh and Bhaindoli village. Doctors and para medical staff were deployed as a part of the program to provide awareness and medical assistance to underserved people in the eye camp. The event was organized under “Dr Mathra Das Pahwa Outreach Program’’, the philanthropist and an eminent eye surgeon known for his charitable work for the underprivileged in the field of vision, more so, for cataract surgery.

Speaking on the success of the programs, Ms. Sonali Dutta, Vice President Corporate Affairs, BryAir said, “We are delighted to be of service to the underserved areas in the country. It gives us immense pleasure to give back to the community through our initiatives. Spreading awareness on health has been the primary motto of our CSR initiatives. Through these programs we wish to educate people on well-being practices. We sincerely hope our initiatives would help us unlock the potential for growth in the regions.”

In addition to the success of EyeCamp, Bry-Air & DRI’s jointly organized ‘Sports Day’ in Gurugram was a memorable occasion. Around 250 students from 6-14 years of age from Bry- Air and DRI Pathshala participated in various sports activities. The adopted learning centers also known as the ‘Pathshalas’ of Bry-Air and DRI creates a primary school environment conducive for the non-school – going children and weak students who are given remedial classes.

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