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A heated argument !?!?

Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director, Bry-Air | Business and Marketing | March 2008

No worries. The dehumidifier is ready to fan out the heat

In an increasingly globalized world, businesses want innovative solutions as and when required, and companies that identify lacunae can reap the benefits infinitely. Dehumidification services are one such gap as there is tremendous potential in this sphere. Even though it may not be a business proposition making headlines, it is an important solution today. in an world, where safeguarding expensive technologies and equipment from atmosphere humidity is important, the use of dehumidification techniques becomes paramount. Bry-Air Asia enters the picture here.

Deepak Pahwa

A global solution provider in humidity control, drying and air-gas purification, Bry-Air has a presence in all the five continents. With a 90% market share in India & Asia Pacific (APAC) region, its operations in APAC need a special mention, “In India and the subcontinent, we have been pioneers in bringing the concept of humidity control through dehumidification. We have been educating and growing the market for over 25 years,” explains a confident Deepak Pahwa, MD, Bry-Air, Bry-Air is one of the few Indian companies, which had gone global early on. The company has based in high-potential markets such as China, West Asia, Europe and South-East Asia. With almost four offices and a manufacturing plant in China, Bry-Air has established if self as a competitive force in the dragon country.

“In India and the subcontinent, we have been pioneers in bringing the concept of humidity control through dehumidification.” – by Deepak Pahwa, MD, Bry-Air

Just like the food industry, aeronautical industry is highly dependent on demoisturizing techniques in a major way, in functions such as aircraft maintenance, engine storage and landing/take-off. With an impressive list of satisfied customers, that include corporations like Taikoo Aircrafts Engineering and Airport Authority of India, Bry-Air is surely going places. Surprisingly, even after setting up an additional plant in Malaysia, to cater to the fast-expanding South-East Asia market, the company was not satisfied with its expansion spree. So, it acquired Germany-based, A+H Hamburg, to become the first Indian HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) company to acquire a foreign company. According to Pahwa, “we are actively looking at a couple of other acquisitions on Europe. With a license in Brazil and an associate plant in US, we have our network all over the world.” Not bad for a company that expects to touch a turnover of Rs.230 crore in the FY-09 and Rs.400 Crore by 2010-11.

As a party topper though, Bry-Air will feel the heat of competition, as the marketplace will soon be flooded with other low-cost manufacturers. But Pahwa added that “our mantra has been and continuous to be to provide the best international technology to the customer. The market opts for better technology, better support and a reliable product.” On a relentless drive to move further, the company is experimenting with more advanced and cutting-edge technology. Not satisfied with its already well-proven track record, Bry-Air is looking at greener technologies and services as well, as its sister company, DRI is ready to make foray in this direction. Perspiring with all the action here? No worries, we have the dehumidifiers ready for you. Still feeling hot?


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