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With over 50 Years of Leadership in Adsorption Technologies,

Bry-Air has a wide range of products catering to all your moisture/humidity control, corrosion prevention, odour removal, plastics drying, conveying and blending, mould dehumidification, high temperature heat recovery and energysmart cooling using waste heat using adsorption.

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Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) Systems provides an optimum solution for efficient removal of air-borne contaminants causing corrosion in electronic/electric circuits, bad odour and harmful gases from the atmosphere housing critical systems, such as data centres, server rooms, research labs, diagnostic systems and cold storage.

The systems have been designed keeping in view various existing parameters such as contaminants presence and their concentration, air flow, space availability and standard legacy systems in the contaminated atmosphere. The wide range of chemical media and macro-porous chemical filter are most suited for efficient removal of almost all types of harmful contaminants.

The company has filed many international patents for these technologies, and six have already been granted.

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    EcoScrubTM 가스 상 여과 시스템 – BPU 시리즈

    얇은 / 딥 베드 기반의 부식 및 악취 가스 제거 시스템

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    DataCenter 공기청정기
    – DAP 시리즈

    허니 콤 필터 기반의 부식성 가스 및 공기 오염 물질 제거 시스템

  • "Ethylene Scrubber" />

    브라이 에어 에틸렌 스크러버
    – BES 시리즈

    벌집 화학 필터 기반 에틸렌 제어 시스템

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    BRYSORBTM 화학 매체

    독점 화학 물질이 함침 된 구형 / 원통형 다공성 펠렛

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    Honeycomb 화학 필터 – DRISORBTM 시리즈

    'in-situ'합성 다공성 벌집 화학 필터

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