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Instrument Landing System

Moisture Problem for Instrument Landing System


Today, airports are expanding and becoming more crowded. The number of passengers traffics and landings & take-offs of aircraft are increasing rapidly. On the account of technology up-gradation in communication and air navigation system, it is now possible for pilot to land & take-offs aircraft safety, even when the visibility is limited, in harsh condition like fog, rain and blowing snow.

With advancement in technology, today, instrument landing system (ILS) have become the most important element in communication & air navigation

No More Fluctuating Signals with Dry Air

Frequently faced problem in communication & air navigation system

The instruments used in communication process are installed in a room. The instrument comprises of sensors & microchips which are moisture sensitive. When these sensors and microchips get exposed to moisture, it right away hinders the functionality of the instrument, which consequently jeopardizes the safety of passengers and property.

When external agents like temperature and humidity comes into play. The signals transmitted by the instruments are often imprecise. These agents likely to develop corrosion on sensors & microchips surface, which obstruct the operation of the instrument and often under such conditions, the transmission observed are not accurate. In order to provide precision guidance to an aircraft, it is highly recommended to control the temperature and humidity level of the ambient room where the instruments are installed.

Bry-Air Solutions

The solution lies in dehumidifying the instrumentation room. To transmit the accurate radio signals it is necessary to control or eliminate these external factors whenever possible.

Bry-Air’s recommendation is to install a Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier as they are capable of maintaining the required humidity levels for optimal performance irrespective of outside condition.

Desiccant Dehumidification in combination with Air-Conditioning provides the required humidity and temperature parameters necessary for Instrument Landing System.


  • No instrument failure & malfunctioning
  • No corrosion of microchips
  • Preservation of life & avoiding accident
  • Providing quality air is what Bry-Air is all about!!

Today, Bry-Air has become synonymous with moisture / humidity control. With over 50,000 installations and over 50 years of application engineering experience we are universally recognized as a company that delivers when it comes to providing solutions for Humidity Control, Drying, Gas Phase Filtration, Plastic auxiliaries and complete environmental control solutions.

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