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Optimum Drying Blending and Conveying Solutions


Don’t let mould sweating slow you down!

Can simple mold sweating cost as much as 30% in increased cycle time ? Yes, when a mold sweats, so does the molder. Chilled water, commonly used to significantly reduce the cycle time of a job can cause parts to be imperfect, structurally or cosmetically, thereby increasing scrap.

The usual method for correcting this condensation condition has been to raise the mold temperature, thereby increasing the cycle time and decreasing production – an unattractive solution to a continuing problem.

An eminently attractive alternative is to blanket the mold surface with a constant supply of dehumidified air at an appropriate dewpoint, below that of the mold surface.

This is achieved with the help of Bry-Air mold dehumidification system (MDS) during high humidity periods resulting in greater safety, shorter cycle times, less scrap and, therefore, increased profitability.

Sweat Creates ‘Finish’ problems for Golf Balls

Professional Golf Co. Sdn. Bhd., a DMIB/Sime Tyres Group Company, manufactures high quality golf balls. The manufacturing process involves injection moulding of outer shell of the balls.

The multi-cavity moulds are cooled using chilled water (7° C). Due to year – round high ambient humidity in Malaysia, condensation occurs on moulds, spoiling surface quality and finish of balls. To combat condensation, the chilled water temperature is raised to 15°C which lengthens the cycle times, resulting in lower productivity. To solve the problem of sweating, Bry-Air installed 3 dehumidifiers model 3A to maintain a condition of 72°F DB at 35% RH (7°C dewpoint) i.e. the temperature of surrounding air maintained is lower than the water temperature. This eliminates ‘sweating’ totally. The result, higher productivity, better product, and of course, great putting!!

Bry-Air Dryers for Automotive Plastics

Plastics are being increasingly used in automobiles today, because of their sheer versatility and flexibility.

Plastics are light in weight, do not rust or corrode, have a high impact strength, are heat resistant, can be produced in attractive colours and moulded into stylish shapes. These are few of their properties which make them so popular with automobile manufacturers. This has resulted in many major commodity plastics processors turning into specialized moulders for auto components with high levels of quality consciousness.

To mould an auto component to the required quality, a whole host of auxiliary equipment are needed to support the process effectively and play a major role in the final quality of finished component. Bry-Air Plastics Auxiliary Equipment has helped many automobile component manufacturers to support their principals effectively. For instance, when APM, Malaysia faced the problem of improper drying of ABS/Acrylic resin used in the components for Proton Kembara or when Tata Automotives faced the problem of drying, in components used for Mercedes Benz, they looked to Bry-Air for a solution.

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