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Cable, Pipe and Extruded component

Cable Pipe and Extruded Component Drying Solutions


Cable Pipe and Extrusion is a process of converting the plastic granule into a continous profile. Unlike the injection moulding, cable extrusion is an ongoing process. This makes the extrusion process difficult to manage. Even a small overlook of production parameters can severly increase rejection rates and cause financial damages to the extruders.

Bry-Air auxilaries helps in reduction of rejections which are very expensive and need to be decreased over a long haul.

Use of Auxiliaries ensures :

  • Exact Control on Quality of Production.
  • Savings in material costs.
  • Highly accurate surface finish of products.
  • Longer production run .
  • Better Product Life cycle.
  • Less Rejections

3 Keys for Quality Extrusion

  • Drying
  • Blending
  • Conveying

Drying :

The Major Problems faced by the Cable & Pipe Indusry is moisture content in the hygroscopic resins. Improper drying of hygroscopic resins causes loss in tensile strength, surface defects like Surface cracking, Internal cracking, surface lines, bubbles etc and most importantly increases rejections.As the extrusion is a lenghty process and if at any point there is defect in the process, the impact of the defect is on the majority of the product been extruded and hence the monetory loss incurred is huge. So, to the quality of extruded cable, resins should be dried properly.

Bry-Air’s New Honeycomb Resin Dryer BHD Series can provide very low dew point up to -65°C to ensure that the plastics is free of all moisture when it is dried. The continous changeover of process, reactivation & purge phase in the dryer ensures the dew point is continously maintained up to – 65°C degree celcius.This continous changeover is very important for acheiving the dew point.

Bry-Air’s New Honeycomb Resin Dryer continously monitor the phase changeover and in case of any problem, the unit will alarm.This feature helps the moulder to attend the problem in the dryer even before the problem arises in the extruded product and hence helps to prevent occurence of huge loss.

Advantages :

  • Digital display status, faults, warning and temperatures.
  • Lower Dew point
  • Lower Downtime
  • The rotor has fewer moving parts and thus less prone to breakdowns.
  • Dual thermostat protection for high process and reactivation temperature.
  • Amazing Structural Strength.
  • Lower drying cost.


As extrusion is a continous and a critical process  one need to continously feed raw material to the extruder. Normally in the production areas where extrusion machines are placed are lengthy, as a result the resins need to be continously carried to the extruder from the considerable distance using manual methods. These manual methods sometimes include diesel vehicles and other medium of transportation which causes both air and noise pollution.Vehicles are also not safe for the workers who are working in the premises. Manual feeding can also cause spillage of material. Bry-Air Conveying System supports in automating resin conveying. This helps to reduce down time and increase up time, thus reducing cost and improving the competitive edge.

BVL Series Auto Loaders compliments Bry-Air Conveying Systems and are engineered for noiseless operation with sleek and easy to handle floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls.

Advantages :

  • No spillage, thus clean, accident free shop floor.
  • No Wastage
  • Right material for the right machine at the right time…Allows quick change of material,thus ensuring continous feed of material.
  • Material dust effectively removed, thus no moulding defects.


The improper mixing of blends which results in non uniform coloring on the surface and affect the physical strength of the product been extruded.

PVC which is the main resin of cable manufacturing readily degrade when exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). To avoid this degradation certain special masterbatches are blended with natural PVC. If there is uneven percentage of masterbatches added to the blend it will result in problem of degradation thus mixing of proper blends becomes important when it comes to quality extrusion.

Also in case of Polybag manufacturing, reisns like LD & HD are mixed to give proper strength. If proper blend of material is not used it will result in change of physical properties that ultimately leads to lack of structural strength of the material blended.

Reliable Blending Solutions From Bry – Air

Bry-Air offers Gravimetric and Volumetric Blending Units which are perfect solution for blending of material, additives & master batches.

The exact blend of material is provided by the Bry-Air Gravimetric Blending Unit. It delivers desired outcomes on your finger tips through automatic recalibration with direct setting of percentages without calculations.

Advantages :

  • Designed for accurate dosing to ensure high quality of finished product and consistently uniform colouring.
  • Change-over from one material to another takes less than 2 minutes without interruption of production.
  • Eliminates need for conventional mixing systems, reducing storage and manpower costs.
  • Eliminates inventory of coloured material.
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