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Odor Removal in Food Processing Plants

Food Odour is problem typical of food processing plants. The organic and inorganic compounds emitted from various food processing operations can become a  nuisance in the surrounding when they carry objectionable odours. Increased sensitivity and demand of the general public for a clean and pleasant environment and reduced land areas available for isolation of industrial operations from the public areas have forced all types of industries including the food processing industry to control odour emissions as well as toxic air pollutants.

Controlling odours

The two basic principles for controlling odour at food processing plants.

  • Reduction of odour at the generation sources
  • Odour Removal  from collection air-streams

before the odours are discharged into the atmosphere. Source control is always the first choice for odour control and can be effected by using low-emission processing and good house keeping techniques. Kitchen exhaust are however not   In most cases, however, odour removal  from the discharge ducts or dispensed ventilation air is necessary to remediate the odour problems. Odours are generated from the food processing plants are usually a mixture of various organic and inorganic compounds in low concentrations.

Most of these compounds are reduced carbon, nitrogen compounds, etc. which are not toxic and easily biodegradable. Typical odorous compounds encountered in food processing operations include aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, acids, ammonia, amines and mercaptans. In some cases, the odours may also be caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ,  which are less biodegradable. The physical and chemical characteristics of specific odours are largely affected by the types of odour sources.

Cleaning Air with Bry-Air EcoScrub

Bry-Air EcoScrub is the ideal most cost-effective solution to clean air problems.

It’s unique process eliminates odour and cleans the contaminated air of suspended particles and corrosive gases, making the working environment healthy for you and your equipment.

Clean Air with the Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) System Smell . . . . Odour in Food Processing Plants

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