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WAGs, pungent Odour Reduces Research Labs Efficiency


WAGs, pungent Odour Reduces Research Labs Efficiency

Inhaling harmful gases and odour by researchers and other employees in animal research labs is a rising concern today. The various sources of these gases and foul odour constitute

  • Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAGs) released during anesthesia/euthanasia before/after testing
  • Gases released by animal excreta
  • Gases released due to the decay of leftover food by animals

Pungent odour affects the health of researchers and other employees

Prolonged inhaling of even a little amount of these gases leads to many chronic results:

  • Acute effects: Drowsiness, irritability, depression, headaches, dizziness, and nausea
  • Chronic effects: Liver and kidney disease, adverse reproductive effects and cancer

If harmful gases and pungent odours are overlooked, these acute and chronic effects lead to decrease in efficiency and increase in absenteeism and hence affecting the quality and speed of work.

Remove foul odour with Bry-Air Odour Control Unit

Bry-Air Odour Control Unit is ideal for researchers and employees health, working in animal research labs. It removes harmful and poisonous gases through the process of adsorption and chemisorption. Contaminated air passes through pre-filters which retain dust and particles. Thereafter, the chemical media stages (combination of activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with proprietary chemicals) , chemically destroy remaining gaseous contaminants. Bry-Air Odour Control Unit is designed to maintain the highest level of odour free atmosphere in animal research labs.

Bry-Air: A step ahead, always

Bry-Air Odour Control Unit is ideal for removing toxic gases and eliminating odour from air. It purifies the air inside the animal research labs through the process of adsorption and chemisorption, in which air is filtered and cleaned out when gaseous contaminants are neutralized while passing through a chemical filter. The cleaning of contaminated air occurs at molecular level when a pollutant gas molecule reacts with chemical present in the filter.

Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration Systems are designed to reduce the contaminant gas concentration upto acceptable level.

Bry-Air offers various types of air purification systems depending upon the method of purification and known parameters related to airfiow, types and concentrations of impurities present in air, space availability and desired media life.

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