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Odour Control

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Odour Control

Airborne Contaminants & Gaseous Pollutants Causes odour and Indoor air quality problems. Odour – Foul or pleasant causes discomfort to humans & revenue loss for commercial establishment. Extreme discomfort for personnel in workplace results in loss of productivity. Odorous gases coming out of Formaldehyde solutions in morgue room, cause acute discomfort to students in medical colleges. The same is the situation of a worker performing his duties at the sewage pumping station or a sewage treatment plant. Doctors working in Animal rooms for research purposes are also facing odour problems. Animal excreta, strains and other waste generally lead to the generation of obnoxious foul odour or smell in animal rooms. There are several situations where variety

Dry-scrubbing technologies can be very effective at lower air velocities and have the ability to remove contaminant gases with high efficiencies.

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