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Semiconductor Manufacturer Industry, Protect from Harmful and Odourous Gases


Get a shield from air contamination at your semiconductor manufacturing facility:

The growing concern and  need for air and gas purification  in a semiconductor industry, is not only for  keeping electronic equipments safe from corrosive and toxic gases, but also from the need for manufacturers to insure the safety of working personnel and the community surrounding the facility. Contaminants such as  silane, arsine, phosphine, diborane, hydrogen chloride, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, lead sulphonic acid, ammonia, propanol, and in some cases, cyanide compounds, are chemically active  and are present in high concentrations in production areas in semiconductor industry, and must, therefore, be carefully controlled, so, that there are no dangerous emissions and air contamination.

Problems faced in manufacturing process due to Air contamination :

  • From outside untreated air
  • Emission of acid vapors / corrosive and toxic gases during manufacturing processes

Effects of Contaminant Gases in manufacturing area :

  • Corrosion of silver contacts by strong oxidizing properties of S compounds, especially H2S
  • Corrosion of Cu/Al by SO42-
  • Crystals formed by neutralization with SO42- and NO3- with NH4+

Effects of Ammonia;

  • Defects in the chemical amplified resist process
  • Defects in exposure/pattern generation processes (T-topping)
  • Lower illuminance resulting from lens contamination
  • Crystal formation by neutralization with dissolved acid on wafer surface, after de-ionized water cleaning

Effects of Boron , Ozone and other volatile organic compounds :

  • Current leakages and abnormal circuit voltage resistance
  • Defects due to formation of oil film on wafer surface due to presence of high molecular weight organics
  • Low molecular weight siloxane chemically reacts with ozone to form silica particles
  • Defects in electric properties in the LSI and diffusion properties
  • Defects in LCD — low temperature poly-silicone

For Gas Phase Filtration inside the facility

Three types of solutions are available for corrosion control and elimination of air contaminants, depending on the size of the room and location of the gas emission areas inside the manufacturing rooms. They are as follows:

  • Provide in-room, stand-alone, powered re-circulation scrubbers at vantage points inside the room.
  • In case, air-conditioning inside room is carried out by chilled water AHU, then the return air circuit can be provided with an un-powered dry air scrubber (after accounting for extra pressure drops).

Air suction hoods to be placed at contaminant emission areas, which in turn connect via air ducts to a powered air scrubber, placed either inside or outside the protected room (in re-circulation mode).

Bry-Air Ecoscrub Solution for Semiconductor Industry

Bry-Air EcoScrub gas phase filtration solution is ideal for human and hardware health. It removes contaminants and eliminates downtime by removing corrosive gases through the process of adsorption and chemisorptions. Contaminated air passes through pre-filters which retain dust and particles. The chemical media stages (combination of activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with proprietary chemicals) then chemically destroy remaining gaseous contaminants. Bry-Air EcoScrub is designed to maintain the ISA standard 71.04, IEC standard and Environmental Standards followed by electronics manufacturers.

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