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Quality Air Treatment for Medical Instruments


In today’s times, timely diagnosis is pivotal for a patient’s well-being. With rapidly growing innovations, the medical instruments have simplified the clinical diagnosis/analysis for the medical practitioners. Thus, the quality and reliability of medical reports are paramount for the patient as well as for the healthcare facilities.

Huge investments are made by healthcare facilities and hospitals to procure these sophisticated medical instruments and imaging solutions such as CT scanners, X-ray machines, MRI machines. It is of utmost importance to get accurate reports for correct diagnosis and medical treatment. For this, the instruments should be the best of its health and should be surrounded with clean environment to produce accurate results.

Clean environment for sensitive environment

The powerful yet sensitive instruments are vulnerable to the environment. Safety is essential to them. The facility in-charge should maintain all the instruments. To do this, one has to ensure the proper environment for the medical instruments as part of equipment maintenance procedure. Prudent procedures to be followed to ensure a good and clean environment. Following checks to be made:

  • Temperature fluctuations to prevent condensation
  • Humidity level to prevent moisture
  • Presence of harmful gasses

Vulnerable Areas due to electronic corrosion

  • MRI Rooms
  • CT Scan room and control room
  • Ultrasound
  • Angiography system
  • Operation Theatre
  • Intensive-care equipment
  • Blood bank instruments

Temperature fluctuations and high humidity amplify the problem. The high-intensity electrical equipment generates heat which can lead to condensation due to temperature fluctuations. The frequent door opening can bring the outside polluted air in the diagnostic rooms, housing these sophisticated equipment.

Presence of hazardous chemicals at different temperature may react and makes the environment corrosive. Nearby open drains, sewage system, heavy traffic zones, industrial pollution pollutes the surroundings. The polluted air can travel to the facility and cause micro-corrosion in the equipment. Hence, it is essential to set up an air filtration/purification system that filters hydrocarbons pollutant, VOCs, and chemically active compounds and thereby eliminate airborne pathogens.

Clean air for IVF

Often overlooked, but air quality plays a vital role in IVF centers. These IVF labs stock chemicals like styrene, formaldehyde, toluene, etc., which contaminates the air. Contaminated air is harmful to embryo’s growth & development. Ensuring the optimal environment for the embryo and thereby maintaining stable pregnancy outcomes.

Addressing the problem, Bry-Air service spectrum covers annual maintenance, replacement of chemical media. Chemical filter to be installed to remove corrosive contamination present in the air vicinity of the control room and maintain the G1 class air quality as per ISA71.04-2013 standard.

The comprehensive solution under one roof is Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration Systems. It is the key to airborne molecular gaseous and particulate contamination removal.

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