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Controlled by Control/ Server rooms which house complicated web of electronic cards and electrical components. The fully automated, technology driven fertilizer plants run 24X7 to meet the rising demand.

Corrosion affecting smooth fertilizer production

Corrosion in the electronic cards and electrical components due to corrosive gases causes hindrance in the smooth functioning. Corrosion is mainly caused by the compounds / byproducts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in electrical/ electronic circuits which has a potential to disrupt the smooth functioning of a whole plant.

Nitrogen, an inevitable fertilizer component, is primary reason for corrosion

Since gaseous compounds are an inevitable constituent of fertilizer production process, they are the primary reason for corrosion in electronic cards and electrical components in Control/Server

Rooms. It is vital to monitor and control the concentration level of these compounds/ by-products entering the control rooms. The gases are harmful not only to the machine but also to the employees. When inhaled for a prolonged duration, employees feel ill-health, vomiting, nausea resulting in a decreased efficiency and increase in absenteeism.

Operations managers in fertilizer industries are therefore focusing on supplying clean air free of airborne contaminants to their control rooms.

Gas Phase Filtration-The most effective way of removing airborne molecular contaminants

Protecting the server room equipment and servers from any potential contamination threat is a vital step in ensuring the good health and continued viability of your Control/Server Rooms. The ultimate solution to corrosion lies in Gas Phase Filtration, which involves passing the contaminant laden air stream through a bed of dry media placed in a properly designed housing.

Complete protection against unwanted Airborne Molecular Contaminants

Bry-Air EcoScrub Deep Bed System is an ideal way for protection of control/server rooms from abrupt failures threat due to corrosion in the electronic cards and electrical components. It removes contaminants and eliminates downtime by removing corrosive gases through the process of adsorption and chemisorption. Ecoscrub Deep Bed System is designed to maintain the ISA standard 71.04-2013 for corrosion and gases, IEC standard and environmental standards followed by electronics manufacturers.

Bry-Air: A step ahead, always

Bry-Air is the only Gas Phase Filtration Company in India having its own R&D and Testing Lab for granular media and chemical filters. Backed by world class technology and systems, the laboratory is capable of testing the performance of impregnated/non-impregnated loose granular media and impregnated/non-impregnated air cleaning devices such as chemical filters, under one roof. The tests are conducted as per ISO/ASHRAE Standard 145.1 and BSR/ASHRAE Standard 145.2/ISO Standard 11155-2 guidelines. The core objectives of the tests are to assess the performance and efficiency of loose granular sorptive media and chemical filters in any particular application.

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