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A data Centre has proven to be a valuable asset to business agility. It simplifies the execution and management of tasks. The data Centres house a variety of servers, networking equipment, and storage devices. It is important to place these equipment in recommended environmental conditions to ensure more efficiency and longer life. When equipment is exposed to excessive humidity, it may become less reliable and durable, leading to severe issues including hardware failures and data loss.

Some of the problems faced by Data Centre operators:

  • Decline in Tier rating
  • High cooling cost
  • Micro-corrosion in sensitive equipment

The trapped moisture in Data Centres affects circuit boards and other moisture-sensitive equipment, causing corrosion and subsequently permanent equipment failures or network failure. The Data Centres must run 24×7 for business continuity. Any outage and downtime could lead to huge losses. The longer downtime could bring their tier rating and cause business loss.

These facilities generate a great deal of heat and have high cooling demands. In order to manage airflow within data centers, a reliable and energy-efficient HVAC system is required.

Moisture along with airborne molecular contaminants from surrounding areas seep into the enclosed space and start corroding the server cards, connectors, PCBs leading to malfunction and interruptions.

General Recommendation

Maintain RH level between 35-45% for optimal performance & reliability at a temperature of 18 – 24 ̊C.

Bry-Air Solutions

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers are the optimal alternative solution to the expensive datacom equipment used in Data Centres. Dehumidifiers along with air-conditioning units to remove the excess moisture from the air and bring down the Relative Humidity to the desired Level.

Along with the Dehumidifier Data Centre needs intelligent devices to prevent airborne molecular contamination. Therefore, Bry-Air Data Center Air Purifier is also recommended to protect it from corrosive gas attacks.

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