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High humidity leads to corrosion of sensitive equipment and incorrect readings


All sophisticated scientific instruments require protection against humidity and constant temperature control to maintain the accuracy of performance. Many commercial facilities, industrial instrumentation rooms and educational facilities too require humidity control solutions. Temperature control in these facilities is easily achieved through air-conditioning but humidity control is often overlooked.

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

Humidity obstructs the smooth functioning of sensors installed for the purpose of measurement in laboratories. This leads to inaccurate results and observations.

Moisture present inside the instrumentation facilities and laboratories is a common hindrance when it comes to getting accurate observations and results. Uncontrolled humidity causes critical damage to electronic machinery which further results in erratic readings and analysis of mission critical processes. At some places even fungal growth is observed if RH is not maintained properly.

Uncontrolled Humidity Results in:

  • Corrosion and micro-corrosion
  • Reduced life cycle of the expensive equipment
  • Frequent replacement and increased maintenance costs
  • Recurrent breakdown
  • Frequent re-calibration
  • Inaccurate readings

Causes of Uncontrolled Humidity

Wet  and damp environment conditions  with high relative humidity ( RH) are major contributor  in causing humidity.

Occurrence of various reactions in laboratories  during experimentation, leading to releasing of moisture also becomes a major source of humidity in the laboratories.

General Recommendation

General Recommendations temperature control recommendations by various manufacturers of laboratory equipment:


Temp. °C

% RH

Temperature Dry Bulb

20°C to 27°C

40% – 50%


Bry-Air Solution

Laboratories require stable temperature and humidity to enhance the accuracy of test results, carry out quality control analysis, experiments, or for the research of material properties. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers can provide either constant relative humidity or constant dew point temperature depending upon the materials and characteristics. It is capable of maintaining the dew point as low as – 60°C, regardless of ambient conditions.

Bry-Air, the leader in moisture and humidity control gives you the power to:

  • Reduce corrosion and micro-corrosion of mission critical equipment
  • Increase life cycle of expensive machinery
  • Minimize recurrent breakdown
  • Get accurate readings and results
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