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Systèmes de déshumidification de moule Série MDS


The Bry- Air Ecodry Mould Dehumidification System is an example of the innovation, based on market needs.

Bry-Air EcoDry Mould Dehumidification System – MDS Series is designed exclusively to prevent mould sweating. The Bry-Air Mould Dehumidification System ensures increased production through reduced cycle times.

A chilled water pre-cooling coil combined with the latest in desiccant technology ensures super dry air. This prevents mould condensation on injection moulding machine. Typically, a MDS-3 model Mould Dehumidification System can prevent condensation on moulding machines upto 800 tons.


  • Eliminates mould sweating, improves cycle time, reduces scrap rate
  • Increases mould life
  • Can supply dry air to multiple machines
  • Portable, easy to handle
  • Enhances part / product quality
  • Eliminates streaks, bubbles and other defects
  • Choice of individual, plant wide and centralised control
  • Dry Rooms

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