Moisture Control in Food Concentrate Processing, Packaging or Storage

Food Concentrate

Moisture Control during Food Concentrate Processing, Packaging and Storage


Today, to keep pace with the changing taste and lifestyle of consumers, lemonade concentrate, and fruit concentrate companies are incorporating sophisticated technologies to deliver quality products in the market.

Every process is performed to ensure that all food products reach the consumer with the right flavor, shape, and longer shelf life.

Moisture control during concentrate processing, packaging, or storage often plays a party spoiler role. Thus, humidity control is essential in the food industry in areas like storage, production, packaging, processing, and low-temperature drying.

Processing Concentrates

In processing powdery foods, especially health foods like lemonade concentrate, concentrate fruit, protein supplements, soup powders, cocoa as well as gelatines, dehydrated soft drink concentrate, instant coffee powders, etc. the presence of moisture in the surrounding air can cause lumping and caking of food concentrate. It causes the tiny particles to stick or cluster together, thus inhibiting their free flow in the manufacturing or packaging process.

Many granular or powdered materials are transferred to packaging via high-velocity air streams. This process is commonly referred to as pneumatic conveying or just airveying. Highly hygroscopic materials like sugar, flour, starches, beverage, and food powders make humidity control a crucial element of materials handling systems. The transportation of powdered, granulated, or flaked material by high-velocity airstreams can significantly be improved by drying the air.

In addition, the presence of moisture in the air may interfere with the operation of the processing machine, thus obstructing the free and easy movement of the foodstuff. Obviously, if moisture affects the food and the machinery in this fashion, then there must be some solution to this problem.

The solution to this moisture problem lies in surrounding the processing and manufacturing area with dry air.

Presence of moisture can result in:

  • Formation of crust, jamming in silos
  • Blockage in pneumatic conveying system
  • Blockage in machines
  • Hassled and slow transport
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Unhygienic storage and transport
  • Poor quality of final product
  • Loss in flavor and aroma of food
  • Short shelf life food

Desired Environmental Conditions Laid Down as per International Standards

Operation / Process Tem. °C °F Humidity RH (%)
Fruit Powder Handling 20-22 68-72 35
Instant Coffee Creamer mfg./pkg. 26 79 25
Tomato Powder Production 19-23 66-73 25-35
Citrus crystal packaging 27 81 15
Dry Soup Packaging 21 70 20
Energy Food Packaging 25 77 40-45
Instant Coffee Packaging 26 79 20
Milk Powder Packaging 22-25 72-77 35-40
Cracker & Wafer Packaging 21-29 70-84 35-40
Powdered Drink Mix Packaging 21 70 20
Confectionery – Starch Rooms 21-24 70-75 30-35
Cooling of Spray Dried Milk Powder 10 50 35-40
Whey Powder Manufacturing / Storage 21-26 70-79 15-30

All these conditions can be effectively maintained by using Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifier.

Bry-Air Solution

The solution lies in dehumidifying the air. Bry-Air desiccant dehumidification systems ensure optimum humidity control as required by the process and are dependable, efficient, and versatile. Dehumidification allows smooth powder flow even during periods of high humidity. A few of our reputed clients are Kellogg’s, Wrigley, Cadbury, Nestle, Unilever… the list is endless.

Providing quality air is what Bry-Air is all about!!

Today, Bry-Air has become synonymous with moisture and humidity control. With over 25,000 installations and over 55 years of application engineering experience, we are recognized universally as a company that delivers when it comes to providing solutions for humidity control and complete environment control solutions.

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