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How do you measure Relative Humidity?

Relative Humidity is determined by means of wet bulb and dry bulb thermometers. The dry bulb temperature is the temperature of air as determined by a standard thermometer. The wet bulb temperature is determined by tying a wet wick over the bulb dipped in a reservoir containing distilled water. Airflow around the wick causes the evaporation of moisture thus lowering the temperature and producing a reading lower than that on the dry bulb thermometer.
The comparison between the two readings gives us the measurement of water vapour in the air.
1. The lesser the difference – the wetter the air.
2. The greater the difference – The dryer the air.
The readings can be plotted on a chart known as the psychrometric chart from where the properties of air vapour mixture like relative humidity, absolute humidity, dewpoint can be directly determined.

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