» اتولودر سری بی‌وی‌ال (تی)

اتولودر سری بی‌وی‌ال (تی)

Cabinet-Style, Floor Mounted Twin Auto Loaders are available in three combinations:

  • CNC manufactured with powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty regenerative vacuum pump
  • Unique silicon & SS flapper design
  • Material receiver belly for primary and secondary loading
  • Quick removable clamps for material and vacuum hoses
  • Micro PLC controller to supervise the operation, faults management along with display messaging of system parameters of twin loader
  • Pneumatic actuated cylinder to change the vacuum from primary receiver to secondary
  • Service window for easy service of receiver belly in case of JIT Receiver
  • CRS receiver & SS as optional
  • Flexible, transparent hoses of PVC/ PU material for visibility of conveying material
  • Caster wheel mounted cabinet for easy movement
  • Cartridge type dust replant high efficiency paper filter
  • Adjustable material pick-up tube for air to material ratio
  • Audible alarm with message for faults like material shortage & pump tripped
  • Password facility to avoid any kind of unauthorized handling
  • SS Mesh Filter of 530 microns separates the resin from the air in the receiver belly
  • ATM valve helps in avoiding frequent on/off of vacuum pump
  • World wide proved Siemens make electrical switchgears for safety & reliability
  • Option available for pneumatically operated ratio loading & vacuum takeoff box
  • Integrated limit-switch activates material demand
  • C-Clamp for easy removal of top hood in the receiver belly for easy cleaning

Working Principle:

Bry-Air Twin Loader ensures that the material is always available at both the Primary and Secondary receivers. These Loaders are designed for conveying of un-dried and dried material at both points. When the power is switched On i.e. when start key is pressed, the vacuum blower starts and the solenoid valve of primary receiver get energized starting the primary loadings. After completion of primary loading, the solenoid valve of secondary receiver get energized and secondary loading starts. At the same time primary receiver belly dumps material into hopper and a signal goes to the controller for next cycle.

After completion of the both cycles, primary as well as secondary, the controller checks at which station material is required. If primary loader doesn’t need more material, the controller will switchover the loading to secondary loader and vise-versa. If both station do not require material, after a set delay time vacuum blower stops. Whenever the material is required by any station, the blower starts again and work as per the above sequence.

The three combinations available in twin loader are:

  1. Flapper & Flapper Type Receiver – When both the primary as well as secondary receivers are mounted on the Hoppers for conveying of un-dried material to two drying hoppers.
  2. Flapper & JIT (just In Time) Type Receiver – When one receiver is mounted on the Hopper for loading of  un-dried material and secondary receiver directly on the throat of the machine for conveying of dried material
  3. JIT (Just in Time) & JIT (Just in Time) TYPE RECEIVER – When both the primary as well as secondary receivers are mounted directly on the throat of the machine and for conveying dried material.

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