Awards and Recognitions of Bry-Air
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Awards And Certifications

Our customers inspire us every day to find new ways to empower people to do more with less. It’s always an honour to be recognized and awarded globally. For us these are an indication that we are working in the right direction and encourage us to continue upholding our corporate mission and vision. Below you’ll find many of the awards we’ve received over the past few years.

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    RACON 2016

    Mr. Prem Sagar, Director, Bry-Air was honoured for his contribution of 50 years to the HVAC&R industry at RACON 2016

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    CRC Thailand

    Bry-Air honoured at ASHRAE CRC 2016, ASHRAE team facilitating Dinesh Gupta, President. The focus of the conference on “Innovation for Sustainable Future” at Bangkok, Thailand

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    Star Performer in 2012-13, EEPC India National Awards, Under miscellaneous Special-Purpose Machinery (incl. Metallurgy, Food and Textile) and Parts Small Enterprise category

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    Bry-Air wins National Awards 2011 for Research & Development, in recognition of its outstanding performance under MSME category

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    Bry -Air Prokon, was awarded the prestigious CTI “START – UP LABEL for
    – Ready for Sustainable Business Development” on Sept 14, 2010 by the Swiss Confederation’s Innovation Promotion Agency CTI.

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    SEA Awards

    By-Air UAE wins SAIF Excellence Awards – 2010

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Welcome to the Knowledge Center! A precious resource for AirgineeringTM related information. Over the half century, Bry-Air has developed a vast understanding of adsorptions, and adsorption-based technologies about air and its industrial interface. The knowledge and experience gained are continuously used in helping customers achieving their business goals –Profitability Productivity and Sustainability. Bry-Air helps the world renowned companies to solve critical airgineering challenges across the globe. Here are a few selective links to a vast repository of knowledge for your reference and usage.

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