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BryairEventsShanghai International Food Packaging and Processing Equipment Exhibition

Shanghai International Food Packaging and Processing Equipment Exhibition

Food production and processing technology and equipment : Drying equipment, process automation control system and the solution, Food safety testing equipment including foreign matter detection, microorganism detection, dietary fiber detection, laboratory instruments and so on.


Food production process cleaning : Production process cleaning integrated solution, cleaner, cleaning equipment, production workshop, factory environment cleaning and disinfection, ventilation system solutions.


Packaging technology and equipment: Packaging equipment, filling equipment, bottle embryo mould, casting and bottle blowing equipment, printing, code equipment, labeling equipment, bottle cap unscrewing, sealing machine, unloading palletizing equipment, industrial robots, containers and packaging materials.


Supporting technologies and equipment: Water treatment equipment, heat exchangers, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, process fluid equipment, weighing equipment, air conditioning equipment.


Others: safety production, laboratory equipment, engineering consulting and technical support, certification consulting, professional media, etc.

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