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Production and Processing

Uncontrolled humidity/moisture during production and processing of material, e.g. hygroscopic material, results in loss of material as well as equipment failure.Production and Processing of goods across industries requires RH to be maintained at very low levels, regardless of ambient conditions. Stringent conditions are to be fulfilled as per the respective industry standards during the Production and Processing of products like medicines, food products, leather goods, defence equipments, electronics, lithium batteries, plastics, highly engineered products and many more. The environment and indoor climate must often be within certain temperature and humidity limits to avoid deterioration and damage of products or to achieve proper process conditions.

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers are designed to comply with the most complex and critical requirements of high humidity and moisture removal/ regain during manufacturing. It helps prevent mould/ fungal growth, condensation prevention, loss of key product characteristics, malfunctioning and inconsistency thereby preventing production losses/ rejections and reduced shelf life.

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