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About Bry-Air UAE

Bry-Air has a full fledged office and warehouse in Sharjah in SAIF Zone, has the unique advantage of being situated at the crossroads of the main trading routes and has the significant advantage of being a link between the East & West. The Bry-Air’s office supports not only the UAE but other major business and trading centers that are located in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Yemen and Iran), West Asia (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) and North Africa (Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco).

Recently, our office has won the Prestigious SAIF Excellence Award. Out of the 5500 plus companies, Bry-Air UAE office got an award for its good business conduct and market leadership, exceptional financial performance, successful innovative strategies and proven record of operational efficiency.

Bry-Air is a ‘knowledge-based’ ‘technology driven’ ‘AirgineeringTM‘ company, specialising in products and services “with desiccant at the core, in relation to air”.The core strength of the group companies lies in desiccant and desiccant-based technologies for

Bry-Air has over 55 years field experience and over 25,000 installations worldwide. Bry-Air products are backed by the

  • Latest Technologies
  • High R&D
  • Highly Skilled Engineers

Bry-Air engineers are trained to solve humidity-related problems. They can provide support from design to the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Bry-Air’s environmental control range customises state-of -the art technology to customer needs, based on good manufacturing practices.

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