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Water Damage Restoration


Water Damage Restoration (WDR) includes moisture extraction & drying, thereby restoring the affected items.

TDS provides WDR as a drying and restoration service for buildings, equipment, furnitures, documents and other items in the event of water damage. Water damage can occur due to floods, hurricanes, cyclones, post fire fighting, broken water pipes, defective fixtures, faulty constructions and seepages. TDS provides turnkey service, which includes consultation to owners and insurers, water extraction (if needed), cleaning, expertise in drying all substances, equipment installation and careful monitoring of the process. These services helps disaster victims avoid substantial reconstruction cost, returns facilities to use quickly and generally offers a significant reduction in recovery costs. Our team discusses specific methods of correcting water damage and estimate recovery time.

Insurance Companies, Surveyors & Evaluators

  • Mitigate huge unbudgeted compensation expenses to the insured for the full extent of loss
  • Increase profitability of insurance companies
  • Minimize the expenditure incurred dur to water and fire damage claims

Risk Management Agencies / Independent Consultants

  • Expertise to restore affected assets
  • Mitigate loss due to rip off and reconstruction
  • Minimize business interruption

Corporate Business Houses + Facility / Maintenance/ Property Managers

  • Restore and reduce loss to assets and infrastructure
  • Limit reconstruction and replacement expenses
  • Reduce business interruption losses due to reconstruction
  • Expertise to reduce losses due to damage

Administration / Government Departments and Disaster Management Agencies and Institutes

  • Reduce reconstruction and replacement costs
  • Increased availability of funds for relief and rehabilitation measures


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