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Industrial Project Solutions


Industrial Project Solutions (IPS) includes dehumidification, temperature Control & drying.

Industrial Project Solutions finds application during:

  • Storage & preservation of critical equipment like generator, turbine, boiler, condensers & diesel generator (DG) sets from corrosion by maintaining relative humidity at prescribed levels
  • Turbine preservation during off-season in Sugar Industry
  • Shutdown: working conditions inside columns, tanks, boilers & other pressure vessels deteriorate during shutdown, due to high temperature, presence of toxic gases & fumes. Our services enables to overcome this conditions, thus increasing worker productivity & decreasing shutdown period
  • Shipyard application: Preservation of sensitive components in engine, navigation rooms & weapon systems, for mothballing of ships and submarines. Providing comfortable working environment during ship building and dry dock period
  • Drying of pipelines after hydro testing: Presence of moisture after hydro testing in pipelines or vessels can lead to corrosion. Pipelines can be dried completely without any trace of moisture with our dehumidification services
  • Product drying: We help in drying of products like seeds, wood, spices, grapes, candies etc. by supplying hot & dehumidified air. Our services are also used during packaging and storage cycle
  • Concrete/POP drying: During epoxy coating/POP applications we provide dry-air to achieve the desired moisture content level of < 5% (approx.)

Industrial Project Solutions provides the following benefits:

  • To fulfill any short-term and immediate requirement
  • Tackle seasonal requirement
  • Postpone capital outlay
  • Try and Test the suitability of the equipment before purchase
  • Enhance productivity and quality during adverse conditions


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