DRI Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for IEQ

Treated Fresh Units


The DRI Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for IEQ and Energy Saving in a single modular unit with option to add modules for cooling, heating, humidification, high efficiency filtration, mixing, sound attenuation, etc.
Treated Fresh Air Units (TFA) are also sometimes referred to in the industry as Fresh Air Handing Units FAHU, Fresh Air Units, Rooftop Units, Outdoor Air Handing Units OAHU, Energy Recovery Units or simply Air Handling Units.

Advantages with new series DRI TFA

Time tested Reliability

The DRI TFA . . . . FlexAir Series comes from plant having over 10 years’ experience in making two stream systems.

Casing Air Leakage

The casing air leakage is of prime importance in two tier systems i.e. systems with two streams with high latent difference between both. The FlexAir Series TFA from DRI is designed in accordance with European Standard for leakage Class B.

Maintenance-free Reliable Operation

Assured problem free operations even under tough circumstances as a result of solid construction with tight sealing between supply and exhaust air ensures minimal leakage.

Very Low Pressure drops

All functions like coils, heat exchangers etc. are optimised to give lowest possible pressure drop in proportion to highest possible efficiency resulting in very low LCC.

Easy to Maintain Fan Assembly

  • Fan assembly slides out for servicing. Saves time and money !
  • Reliable solid transmission construction saves belts and bearing.

High Quality Standardised filters

  • Deep folded bag filters with big filter areas and good sealing.
  • The good tightness ensures clean air supply to the room is of high quality.

Uniquely Designed Connection system

The unique design makes it possible for the assembler to choose from two different ways of connection when he assembles the unit in the machine room.

Best Technology in Casing Manufacturing

The DRI TFA is manufactured in accordance with the best technology in casing manufacturing.

New Modular Design . . . More Model Options

The new design allows for several functions to be placed in the same casing. The FlexAir series has a wider range to cover the flow range better making it possible for you to easily select the right unit with the lowest LCC.

Molecular sieve coated Heat Wheels

  • Almost no cross contamination.
  • Over 80% energy recovery, both latent and sensible. Ideal for tropical climates where latent loads are 2-3 times the sensible load.
  • Total energy recovery, recovers both latent and sensible energy.
  • Specially, adjustable purge section rules out cross contamination of air stream (less than 0.04%).
  • Special labyrinth sealing arrangement ensure no cross leakage of air stream between the supply and exhaust section.
  • Most advanced technology.
  • Certified/ Tested in international labs.
  • Wheels edges hardened to suit marine/ coastal application needs.
  • Best LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

How does the DRI Treated Fresh Air Unit work ?

The heart of the FlexAir Treated Fresh Air Unit is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel, and exhausted in the atmosphere.

During this process, the wheel absorbs sensible and latent energy from the conditioned air, which is used to condition (cool / heat) the incoming fresh Air in the other section, during the second half of its rotation cycle. Thus, you can have more fresh Air at lower humidity levels and energy costs inside your conditioned space.

Ideal for

  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Discotheques . . .
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Operation Theatres, Nurseries, Burn Wards . . .
  • Commercial Areas – Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Office Buildings, Conference Facility . . .
  • Educational and Recreational Areas – Schools, Auditoriums, Bowling alleys . . .
  • All other conditioned spaces. . .


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