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Humidity and Moisture related problems in Shipbuilding/Ship Maintenance


Corrosion protection in severely corrosive marine environment often poses a challenge to ship building and maintenance industry. The shipping industry expends considerably on corrosion protection measures to extend the longevity of ships and for increasing the general safety of the vessel.

Poor coating practices often impair the life of coating and thereby of the ship. Ballast tanks, responsible for maintaining buoyancy of the ship have an irregular configuration with welded stiffeners, edges and corners, hence, a vulnerable prey to corrosion.


As ballast tanks form structural component of the ship, it is vital to ensure a perfect coat and prevent corrosion. High humidity causes condensation on the metal surface resulting in blooming or flash rust and premature coating failure. The term “Hold the blast” is referred to the prevention of rust bloom from forming between the blasting and coating cycles. Desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and thereby prevent condensation on the coated surface.

Technical Drying Services provides desiccant dehumidifiers manufactured by Bry-Air on rent to ensure that

  • Relative Humidity (RH) inside the tank is maintained at the recommended level as specified by the Coating manufacturer for optimum performance of the coating.
  • The air dew point is maintained at least 37°F (3°C) below the surface temperature to prevent condensation and flash-rust, the common reason for premature coating failure.
  • The environmental conditions conducive for coating are extended and coating is completed within the schedule.
  • Prevents any condensation between coats thereby reducing the possibility of inter-coat de-lamination and improving curing properties.

Desiccant dehumidification not only extends the useful service life of a coating , but also reduces the normal downtime for ballast tank repair work (which can be as high as 90 days).

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