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New York City Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center Breathes Easy and Saves Energy - Thanks To DRl’s Enthalpy Wheels

Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center comprises of state-of-the-art, modern, interdisciplinary research unit right in the center of the medical school environment. The Institute has taken special care to ensure well being of building occupants by providing them a reliable environment while saving highly on energy costs of the building.

Many engineers and designers are hesitant to use rotary heat exchangers in animal lab applications due to cross contamination concerns and odor re-entrainment into the outdoor air supply. DRI utilizes a 3Å molecular sieve desiccant that selectively accepts water vapor (2.8Å) and rejects all other odor causing gases since those gases are larger than 3Å in diameter and will not physically fit into the desiccant’s pore structure.

In addition, DRI’s rotors utilize a purge section which cleans out the flute structure as it rotates from the return air to the outdoor air plenum using outdoor air to push the contaminated air back to the return plenum, thus controlling cross contamination. The proper rotor selection with 3Å desiccant and purge sector prevented unwanted odors from crossing over to the supply air stream and causing odor issues within the occupied spaces.

According to Federico La-Femina, the director of facilities for Research Center, “There has been no odor complaints from building occupants and the energy saved by the enthalpy wheels has been tremendous. Both DRI wheels are delivering over 70,000 CFM of outside air to the space.”

The 12’ diameter DRI wheels have been in operation since 2006. After five years of operation, the wheel media looks as good as it did on the day it arrived. Coincidentally, one of DRI’s largest competitors that also utilizes 3Å desiccant, had two rotors the same size in the same application on a wing opposite the DRI rotors and they have already been removed. According to Federico LaFemina, “Their rotor media had to be removed as it delaminated and became clogged preventing outdoor air from entering the building. Before the media was removed, you could take a MagLite flashlight and push it straight through the media, like a hot knife through butter.”

If you are designing a new animal lab or chemistry lab with fume hood exhaust, it is worth considering to use a DRI 3Å molecular sieve rotor with purge to save the most first costs and operating costs all while providing acceptable indoor air quality just like the NY City Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center

  • Formal name of project: Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center
  • Location: New York, New York
  • Gross square footage: 235,000 sq.ft.
  • Completion Date: May 2006
  • Total construction cost: $140,000,000
  • Owner: New York University School of Medicine
  • Architect: Mitchell | Giurgola Architects, LLP
  • AHU Manufacturer: Climate Craft

Beijing Olympics 2008 Venues

Beijing was India’s best Olympic performance. The Beijing Olympics has turned out to be much more than a mere sporting spectacle for India.

Desiccant Rotors International (DRI) provided Indoor Air Quality management products and solutions for various Olympics venues namely Beijing Shooting Gallery, Beijing Airport, Beijing University Gymnasium, the Stated Conference Centre etc.

China has put the bar very high. The care was taken for every little detail to give the games and the spectators the best experience right from their landing at Beijing International Airport to several tourist spots at Beijing by installing DRI Fresh Air solutions. These products are not only building occupants friendly but are good to environment also. They recover about 80% of the energy that is lost in the process of exchanging stale inside conditioned air with outside fresh air.

DRI’s “Green” products help to optimize energy performance of Air Conditioning systems resulting in considerable reduction in installed tonnage, reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle, enhanced IAQ and productivity and reduced health risks.

“China is a responsible country,” said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, according to the Xinhua News Agency. He said further, “We will fulfill the promises we made for the Olympics. We will not only host high-quality and unique Games, but also build a more scenic, greener and more civilized city in a sustainable manner”.

“We already have a presence in China with over 300 installations. Of these, Beijing alone has over 100. But it is an honour being associated with the biggest sports extravaganza in the world. We are also excited about the kind of importance given to the environment,” said Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman, Pahwa Enterprises and President, Desiccant Rotors International.

DRI is a global provider of components, products and systems for energy recovery, IAQ, fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, humidification, RH control and green buildings. It has a fully integrated manufacturing facility with research and development base. The wide green products range includes Treated Fresh Units (TFA), Heat Recovery Wheels (HRW), Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and CO2 Sensors which are installed in many green buildings namely CII-Godrej Green Business Centre, Olympia Tech Park, Chennai, Pacific Controls, Dubai, Technopolis, Kolkata, Infinity Tower, Kolkata etc, The Hub Technology Park, Kolkata etc.

DRI understands and serves their international customers better with a worldwide network of offices including four in India and representative offices in USA, Brazil, Europe, UAE, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Australia.

The Tower, Dubai, UAE

The Tower, one of Dubai’s new commercial complexes was able to reduce it’s air-conditioning tonnage by 1000 tons and remove a chilling plant by installing Ecofresh Heat Recovery Wheels . The project handled by UTS Carrier involved installation of Ecofresh Heat Wheels Model 2400 and 2200 4 nos. each along with 1 no. HRW. 1300. UTS Carrier has incorporated many ECOFRESH Wheels in it’s various prestigious projects in UAE, e.g. Sharjah Mega mall, Fujairah Resort, TABREED 2,3 & 20 and many more to ensure a good IAQ as well as energy saving in the buildings handled by them.

OBI Shopping Center(s), Wuxi and Shanghai, China

The Shoppers and workers of OBI Shopping Centers in Wuxi and Shanghai, China, have the benefit of breathing a better quality of conditioned air while they shop and work in the center and thus lead a healthier life. The requirement of over 160,000 cmh of fresh air to save energy as well as maintain IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) at the three shopping Centers (one at Wuxi and two at Shanghai) was met by installing 5 nos. Ecofresh Heat Wheels models HRW 1500 (4 nos.) HRW 1300 (1 no.) and HRW 1200 (10 nos.) with the McQuay AHUs.

Al Marsa Tower, Dubai

Designed to soar 253.5 meters in the sky, Al Marsa Tower project comprises a luxury high-rise residential and commercial building of 63 storeys, including two basements for parking spaces & building services, a podium of ground & five levels for studios, parking spaces, offices & shops, and a tower that accommodates all residential apartments. The apartments are available in different settings, ranging from two, three and four-bedroom apartments to penthouses. The triple height lobby creates a grand entry to the building and an outdoor swimming pool at level 28 offers stunning views across the marina.

The special care has been taken to ensure good indoor air quality inside the premises. Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems have been installed to reduce air-conditioning tonnage and reduce the overall energy consumption. DRI EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheels are maintaining energy efficiency and indoor air quality of the Tower. Total number of 14 units of Heat Recovery Wheels have been installed modeled HRW-1700, HRW-1800, HRW-1900, HRW-2000, HRW-2600 and HRW-2800 to provide the best in-vironment.

EcoFresh recovers waste energy from exhaust air and uses the same to precondition the fresh air thereby saving energy and enhancing IAQ of buildings.

Adarsh Shopping Center, Bangalore, India

Adarsh Shopping center, located at the up-market downtown area of India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore opted for the Ecofresh Treated Fresh Air Units to provide a better quality of conditioned air to its shoppers and workers. The totally air-conditioned, multistory, shopping complex has installed 8 nos. of Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs) models FLE 90 (4 nos.) FLE-150 (2 nos.) and FLE 300 (2 nos.). The TFAs have the Ecofresh Heat Wheels incorporated as a part of its standard options.

Al Mamzar Shopping Mall, UAE

Dubai is one of the most attractive shopping paradises in the world. Many local people and international tourists favor to spend their time in shopping malls in Dubai. Good indoor air quality is, therefore, very essential to shoppers.

Just Air-Conditioning is not sufficient to increase the stay and feel good factor of today’s discerning shoppers and their evolving needs. The need to instal Fresh Air Ventilation System has become inevitable to provide the most promising & entertaining shopping experience while considerably reducing energy costs of the Shopping Malls.

DRI EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheels maintain a healthy IAQ and welcoming in-vironment at Al Mamzar Shopping Mall, Dubai. DRI supplied four units of Heat Recovery Wheels modeled : HRW-1600, HRW-1700, HRW-1900 and HRW-2200.

This 53,000 square feet shopping center is a shoppers’ haven. With two floors, there are 65 shops and a whole lot of variety to choose from. The Mall has an array of world-class facilities including the international food court, entertainment center for kids and in-house spa etc. With all these and more on offer, chances are you might not want to go back home.

AL Reef Mall, UAE

Good IAQ is imperative to make Shopping Mall and its Shoppers experience truly pleasant. An average customer spends more than three hours in each visit in a mall and each mall witnesses an average footfall of 10,000 every day excluding employees.

To improve IAQ in retail stores and enclosed shopping malls, proper ventilation to dilute contaminants, filtration of air, and elimination of contaminants at the source are the most effective methods to achieve high IAQ. The EcoFresh range of Fresh Air Treatment viz the ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators), TFAs (Treated Fresh Air Units) and HRWs (Heat Recovery Ventilators) provide the perfect solution to the designing engineers of such retail outlets and shopping malls. They allow designers to design systems with more ventilation while keeping energy costs low.

Al Reef Mall, Dubai has installed two units of DRI EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheels modeled : HRW-1900 and HRW-1400 to provide fresh air feel to the shoppers all through their stay inside the mall. This mall has already become a big hit with shoppers. With 2323 square meters (25,000 square feet) of shopping space, most of the international brands are available.

Few other malls and supermarkets with DRI fresh air solutions are:

  • Express Avenue – The Destination Mall, Chennai
  • TCS, Siruseri, Chennai
  • Beijing Zhongguancun Culture Plaza, China
  • Shanghai hongyi plaza, China
  • Al-Rashid Mall, UAE
  • Dalian Ikea Supermarket, China
  • Olympic National Meeting Center, China
  • Al-Ain Shopping Center – Al-Ain, UAE
  • Sharjah Mega Mall – Sharjah
  • Dubai Festival City, Dubai
  • Green Community Phase 1A, Mall, Dubai
  • Burj Dubai Mall Hotel, Dubai
  • Deira City Centre, UAE
  • Adarsh Shopping Center, Bengaluru
  • Ansal Plaza, Greater Noida
  • Mani Square, Kolkata
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