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High Temperature Heat Recovery Wheels


Bry-Air BryXchange is an air to air rotary heat exchanger which recovers energy from high temperature exhaust air. Considerable high temperature air is generated in kilns, ovens, furnaces etc. which generally goes waste. Through BryExchange this sensible waste energy can be recovered from the exhaust air and transferred to the low temperature supply air with efficiency of upto 75% energy.

Principle of working for BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger

BryXchange rotor is installed between the high temperature exhaust air and supply air stream. As the rotor slowly rotates, sensible heat of temperature exhaust air is carried over by the rotor to the low temperature supply air.

Design and Structure of BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger

The BryXchange rotor has a fluted media, fabricated with material having a high heat carrying capacity, which rotates between two side-by-side ducts: on a low temperature supply air duct, the other a hot temperature exhaust air duct. The axis of the rotor is located parallel to, and on the partition between, the two ducts.

BryXchange Air to Air Rotary Heat Exchanger’s Advantage

  • Higher energy recovery
  • Lower electric energy costs
  • Compact unit design results in less weight
  • Temperature control
  • Considerable primary fuel saved

High efficiency and reliability

  • Stainless steel, double walled, insulated casing
  • Sectorized Wheel for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Designed for very slow rotational speed of around 8-10 RPM
  • Manual cleaning system for media cleaning
  • Heat-stabilised external bearings with teflon gasket
  • Smooth surface to ensure minimum vertical run out
  • The rotor is made of alternate flat and corrugated foil of very uniform pitch and height
  • Rotor depth 200mm
  • Substrate-Aluminised steel or Stainless Steel foil
  • Split casing for larger sizes


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