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BryChillTM Adsorption Chiller

prod_1The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an advanced green technology using inert Silica Gel (adsorbent) and Water (refrigerant) pair.

It is a first ever product being launched in India to tap the abundant low grade waste heat available in process industries and use it for process cooling or air-conditioning (HVAC). This eco-friendly solution cuts down CO2 emission and reduces energy expenses.

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Energysmart Cooling using Waste Heat


  • Compact
  • Modular
  • Energysmart
  • Range: 11 kW to 35 kW

BryChill can be stacked as modules as shown below:


Unbeatable Advantages:

  • Long product life (>25yrs)
  • Low maintenance
  • Regeneration temperature as low as 60°C
  • ‘Green’ refrigerant (water)
  • Low electric consumption (one-tenth the conventional system)
  • No noise and vibration

How does our Adsorption Chiller work ?

The principle of Adsorption works with the interaction of gases and solids. With adsorption chilling, the molecular interaction between the solid and the gas allows the gas to be adsorbed into the solid. The Adsorption chamber of the chiller is filled with solid material, special silica gel BRYSORB 200, eliminating the need for moving parts and eliminating the noise associated with those moving parts. The silica gel creates an extremely low humidity condition that causes the water refrigerant to evaporate at a low temperature. As the water evaporates in the evaporator, it cools the chilled water.

The Adsorption Chiller has four chambers; an evaporator, a condenser and two Adsorption chambers. All four chambers are operated at nearly a full vacuum.


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