Waste Heat Recovery for Various Manufacturing Industries | Bry-Air

Adsorption Chiller Applications for General Industry


In many production processes, low grade heat is produced in abundance. Some of that process heat goes waste which you can now use efficiently for air-conditioning or process cooling, making optimal use of energy in your organisation.

Put your plant’s low grade process waste heat and solar heat to good use. Regardless of where you produce your excess heat, the Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller can convert this heat into usable cooling. No matter what waste heat is used to power the Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller, it always operates with utmost efficiency and ease of use.

Waste Heat Source:

– Steam generation

– Power generation

– Fuel fired furnaces

– Process heating


Power plants

Gas pipeline

Food and beverages 

– Solar

Automobile manufacturing plants 

Chemical industries


Pulp and paper


Diesel Generators and Gas Engines

and many more…


Industrial operations represent a significant source of greeenhouse gas emissions and most of the waste heat is simply rejected via cooling towers to the atmosphere. It can be thought of as “dumped” heat.

Waste heat is the by product of system inefficiencies found in industrial and commercial process and represents a waste of resources, opportunities, and money.

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