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Turbine Preservation in Power Plants

Technical Drying Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd provides following services to power plants

Equipment Preservation

During Power Plant shutdowns, it is essential to control humidity and remove excess moisture to prevent corrosion. Moisture ingress/Corrosion result in malfunction and high replacement costs.

With our desiccant dehumidification services, you can preserve

  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Transformer Winding
  • Generator
  • Critical Spares and other electromechanical equipment

Comfortable Working Conditions

Our condensers and dehumidifiers can help in controlling temperature in confined spaces like

  • Boiler drum
  • Economizer
  • Condenser Water box
  • Cooling Water Duct

Surface Preperation and Coating

For a long lasting perfect coat, it is recommended to maintain a strict humidity control during Blasting, Painting and Coating in columns, tanks, reactors and vessels.

Water Damage Restoration

Fire fighting activities, flooding, moisture ingress due to seepages and human errors can cause a huge monetary loss to the Power Plants. That is why we believe in RESTORING rather than Replacing. Our desiccant dehumidifiers of varying capacities can help in moisture removal and drying of water damaged property.

Drying Services

Our dehumidifiers on rent are also used for

  • Drying Pipelines after Hydrotesting
  • Epoxy and Concrete drying for faster project completion.
  • Humidity control during Rubber Lining of acid tanks.

In Power Plants, moisture present in the air, accelerates the rate of corrosion leading to Deterioration and malfunctioning of expensive equipment like Turbines, Power Generators, boilers, condensers etc.

General Recommendation

Relative Humidity during Power Plant Standby should be maintained at 15%-30% RH at 24ºC (75ºF) and during operation at less than 35% RH at ambient temperature to minimize the loss due to corrosion.

Our Solution

In the Power Industry, expensive equipment like Turbines, Power Generators, Boilers, condensers etc. begin to rust and corrode while in storage or during plant shutdown or even when in operation due to moisture present in the air.

Moisture accelerates the rate of corrosion leading to

  • Deterioration of parts and components
  • Malfunctioning
  • Decrease in life of turbines etc.

Power Plant Lay Up

There may be several reasons why some power generating equipment or even, the whole power plant has to be idled or shutdown temporarily or for extended period viz.

  • For maintenance or repair
  • Due to excess capacity
  • As Standby in case of break down
  • Partial shut down due to excess capacity
  • Hold until start up
  • ‘Extended cold standby” (ECS)

All equipment, when not in operation, must be preserved in the ‘As Left’ condition till there is a need to activate them. When needed, they should be capable of going ‘On-Line’ immediately.

Controlling Corrosion

Rate of corrosion accelerates, when Relative Humidity crosses the critical level of 40%. Above this level industrial pollutants, like Sulphur-Di-Oxide, also, enhance the corrosion rate as the Corrosion is faster when surfaces are exposed to polluted air in combination with high relative humidity.

Hence, if the relative humidity of the area where expensive equipment is stored can be restricted to below 40% then all equipment like generator, turbines and their components can be maintained in well-preserved condition for immediate activation, whenever required.

Dehumidification involves drying the air by actually removing moisture from it. Removal of moisture from the Storage area lowers the relative humidity of the area effectively arresting corrosion and microbial growth. During turbine storage proper dehumidification, ensures minimum deterioration of all internal systems.

Power plants idled for maintenance or repair can be effectively protected from corrosion, by blowing dehumidified air through the steam side as well the generator winding.

Dehumidified air keeps non-nuclear components as boilers, condensers, turbines, rust free when the nuclear plant is shut down for refueling-a process that can take up to a whole year.

In case of fossil fuel power station, lay-up can be due to furnace or boiler repair or less expensive power becoming available, from alternate source, During such periods – a flow of dehumidified air in the facility prevents rusting and other harmful moisture related problem.

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