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Moisture & Humidity Control in Laboratories and Instrumentation Rooms

All sophisticated medical and scientific instruments require protection against the problem of humidity and temperature control for their satisfactory & correct performance. Items like infra red spectrometers, scanning & transmission, electronic microscopes and other costly scientific instruments etc. entail a very heavy capital expense. To protect them, laboratory incharge cannot afford to overlook the recommendations of the manufacturers/suppliers of such equipments in terms of humidity and temperature control for guaranteed performance of these costly equipment.

Condensation problems in laboratories and Instrumentation rooms

A sudden rise in temperature of air in the instrumentation room, typically on account of a power cut/breakdown at the time of start up and even on shut down of air conditioning equipment result in condensation of water vapour on the cooler surface of the instruments. Built up condensation on microcircuitry of sensitive equipments leads to problems like

reduced life cycle, inaccurate reading, corrosion & micro-corrosion etc. The end result is increased costs of maintenance and replacement.

Uncontrolled Humidity in laboratories results in

  • Corrosion and micro-corrosion of mission critical equipments.
  • Reduced life cycle time of the expensive equipment.
  • Frequent replacement and increased maintenance costs.
  • Recurrent breakdowns.
  • Frequent recalibration.
  • Inaccurate readings defeating the purpose of the experiment.

Frequently Faced Problems

Natural process drying depends upon the humidity & temperature level of the environment.As a result of which during humid conditions, drying cannot be achieved within the desired time-period. High humidity also affects the quality of the output.

General Recommendation

RH to be maintained at 12-15%.

Our Solution

Low pressure drying techniques, can reduce the drying period substantially. TDS provides desiccant based dehmidifiers on rent along with technical manpower to achieve the desired RH level of 12%-15%.


  • Kattha being a high priced product shortening of process time results in substantial savings.
  • Fewer inventory hold-ups.

Other Applications

  • Furniture Drying
  • Carpets Drying
  • Document Drying or Paper Drying
  • Seed Drying
  • Spices Drying
  • Short Term Drying

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