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Humidity and Temperature Control in Tanks

Frequently Faced Problems

Industrial tanks are used for storing crude oil, chemicals, acid, and other corrosive materials. These tanks need special corrosion resistant liners to prevent corrosion.

It has been observed that 60%-80% of coating failures occur due to improper surface preparation. Proper coating is necessary to avoid corrosion of tanks. High humidity causes condensation on the metal surface resulting in coating related problems like blooming or flash rust

Also, during tank fabrication, temperature rises to a very high level. Toxic gases too are produced which affect the health of the workers. Such hazardous conditions force workers to take frequent breaks & hence, overall efficiency and productivity is reduced.

General Recommendation

Relative humidity inside the tank should be maintained at <55% and temperature between 30ºC-35ºC.

Our Solution

Presence of moisture between the substrate and paint coat is the primary cause of corrosion. This results to lowered coating life and early failure. Moisture levels should be controlled inside the tanks to increase the coating life. TDS provides dessicant based dehumidifiers (manufactured by Bry-Air) along with other accessories and technical manpower to maintain the recommended humidity levels.

Condensing unit & blowers help maintain temperature between 30ºC ~ 35ºC and provides adequate ventilation.


  • Increase in Coating & paint life
  • Increased productivity & efficiency of workers as frequent breaks are no longer needed
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Control over ambient conditions
  • Control over project completion schedule (Continuous 24 hours work possible)
  • Maintain 3ºCelsius difference between surface temperature and air dew point to avoid condensation.


  • IOCL
  • HPCL
  • BPCL

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