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Corrosion Control

Electronic corrosion due to Airborne Molecular Contamination of corrosive gases inside server rooms/data centres leads to sudden failures .Unwanted Airborne Contaminants disrupt the functioning of electronic equipment. Contaminants internal as well as external are largely responsible for the abrupt failure in the server room, data centres & control rooms. These seep into data processing facilities and corrode electronic equipment leading to malfunction and breakdown of computers, telecom systems, ACs, control panels, etc. Gaseous contaminants and other sources of air pollution, such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Bromine and Oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorine etc., seep into the conditioned space of modern plush offices. These gases alone or in combination with humidity and/or with temperature react with copper and silver in electronic circuit boards, server cards, EVA, cooling equipment, switchgear, datacom connections resulting in micro - electronic corrosion/malfunction resulting in downtime losses. Downtime which translates into data loss, revenue loss and ultimately customer dissatisfaction.

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