» Compact Dehumidifier Victory Plus Series

Compact Dehumidifier
Victory Plus Series


Feature Highlights

High Efficiency and reliability

  • A totally self contained units
  • CNC fabricated unit(s) with powder coated finish Rotor media has high performance metal silicates synthesized in situ.
  • Rotor incorporates robust internal structure with stainless steel perimeter flange for industrial quality, durability and easy serviceability.
  • Unit is compatible with both 100 mm and 200 mm deep rotors.
  • Rotor perimeter flange extends media and seal life
  • Edge hard face coating on rotor ensures long life and good sealing for media and seals.
  • Rotor is non-flammable with organics < 2%.
  • Process and reactivation air flow sectors are insulated
  • Unique teflon with silicon spounge seal design; minimized air leakage
  • Process fan with brushless DC motors for 200 to 1000 CMH units on sliding plate for easy access.
  • Process fan with EC motors for 1500 and 2000 CMH units on sliding plate for easy access.
  • PTC Heaters upto Victory plus 420 Model
  • All operations automized using PLC.
  • Access and maintainance to components from operation side only.
  • Spigots on dismountable adapter plate for easy connection at inlet and outlet for extra equipment by flange rubber ducts.
  • Integrated by pass purge air (process air if it is senseful)
  • Integrated PID Controller with 2 fix setpoints.
  • Speed controlled brushless/EC systems.

Necessary control and safeties

  • Differential air pressure switch for providing react air flow.
  • High temperature safety thermostat cutout.
  • Microprocessor based controller for easy operation and having various options.
  • Electrical interlocking of fan motors, heaters and rotor drive.

Easy to operate

  • Suitable for continuous operation

Easy to Install

  • Several mounting and installation options
  • Small footprints; low volume/weight per CMH.

Easy to maintain

  • Quick and easy to service
  • Rotor is water washable


  • Humidity control through digital humidistat
  • Measuring and display differential pressure or air flow.
  • Touch Screen
  • Weatherproof design.
  • Pre and post cool modules
  • Temperature display for process inlet/outlet & react outlet
  • Display of airflow %
  • Power consumption
  • Output: 3 x 0…..10V (extra;control valve, SCR)
  • PID regulator for variable process air flow
  • PID regulator for control valves
  • PID regulator for heaters

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