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Humidity Control in Confectionery Manufacturing Applications


Moisture ruins the texture of the chocolates, hard candies confectionery items. It makes them sticky and visually unappealing. The main ingredient of the confectionery items is sugar which is hygroscopic in nature and quickly absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. Additionally, when the humidity is high, confectionery items regain moisture and become more sticky and prone to mould formation. A similar process occurs with biscuits when they absorb moisture from the air and lose their crispness.

Some of the common problems in confectionery manufacturing

  • Disfigure
  • Uneven coating
  • Sugar bloom
  • Sticks to wrapper
  • Breakage and sogginess
  • Change in flavor

Application areas

  • Manufacturing
  • Caramel manufacturing
  • Coating and processing
  • Pnuematic conveying
  • Packaging
  • Storage and transportation

Chocolates: The common problem in chocolate manufacturing is blooming. During the packaging process, the chocolate absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, causing fat and sugar crystals to rise to the surface. Moisture makes the chocolate sticky, and the wrapper sticks to it.

Biscuits: Moisture also affects biscuits. Crispness is lost and they become soggy. After baking, biscuits need to be cooled before packaging. For cooling, they are kept in hot rooms with temperatures around 40-50°C. During this stage, they tend to regain moisture. The moisture level in the ‘Hot Room’ therefore needs to be controlled so that biscuits do not absorb moisture from their surroundings.

Candies: The two basic ingredients in candy are sucrose and corn syrup, which are highly hygroscopic. Moisture makes the candy sticky, runny or mouldy. The sticky candies clog high-speed packaging and processing machinery, slowing the process and causing hygiene issues. Moisture can slow down the coating process as it tarnishes its taste and glossy appearance.

Also, the storage life of candies is also affected by humid conditions. A candy is usually stored between the time of manufacture and consumption for between one week to a year. Candies can become stale and sticky if not stored properly during this long period.

The Bry-Air Solution

For the production, packaging, and storage of all confectionery items, stringent conditions of air, temperature, and humidity are required. The Bry-Air desiccant dehumidifiers maintains optimum humidity levels in confectionery manufacturing. In spite of ambient conditions, it can maintain the RH at 1% or lower, thereby improving the quality of confectionery items.

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