The Path to Achieve Optimal Quality & High Strength PET Bottles - Thorough Drying and Perfect Conveying of Plastic Resins | Bryair

The Path to Achieve Optimal Quality & High Strength PET Bottles – Thorough Drying and Perfect Conveying of Plastic Resins

BryairPlastics Auxiliary EquipmentThe Path to Achieve Optimal Quality & High Strength PET Bottles – Thorough Drying and Perfect Conveying of Plastic Resins

The Path to Achieve Optimal Quality & High Strength PET Bottles – Thorough Drying and Perfect Conveying of Plastic Resins

Country  : India
Localion  : Dadara (Silvasa)
Industry  : Packaging
Client Name  : P. P. Plastopack Ltd.
Applicalion Area  : 60ml & 90ml PET Bottle Manufacturer
Problem  : Moisture in Plastic Resins
Solution  : HoneyComb Resin Dryer Controller
Benefits  : Reliable and Consistent Finished Product Quality

 PET bottle Industry: An Overview

PET bottle production is one of the most lucrative and profitable manufacturing opportunity in plastic and polymer industry. According to experts, polymer consumption by Indian plastic industry is expected to be double in next 6 years. It means we can expect a figure of 20 Million metric tons by 2020, with a major share of Pharma Industry. A pet bottle production unit with a simple process of injection moulding and blow moulding is a profitable venture for the entrepreneurs.

About 600,000 tonnes of PET is produced in India every year, of which the pharmaceutical industry uses 100,000 tonnes.

Stringent Quality Parameters for Unmatched Success

Established in the year 2011, P. P. Plastopack Ltd. are manufacturers of excellent quality PET bottles & Laminated tubes (both ABL & PBL).

With extreme focus on achieving and maintaining stringent international quality standards and delivery timelines, the company has established itself as a prominent manufacturer in the Pharma and Cosmetics bottle manufacturing in packaging industry.

A well managed team of highly experienced & efficient professionals, P. P. Plastopack manufactures PET bottles in a state of art Japanese Technology single stage ISBM machines from ASB, Nissie, Japan. The single stage process ensures uniform distribution of the material & excellent quality finishing to the bottles.

Made from virgin quality food grade certified PET flakes & colors and packaged in a specially designed clean room, the company’s products are used for storage of pharmaceutical syrups & dry syrups, ayurvedic & homeopathic medicines and hair oils & tonics.


““…Quality is the hallmark of our PET products. With Bry-Air support we are able to achieve high standards of clarity and hygiene”
Ashok Jain and Bharat Jain, Partners
P. P. Plastopack

 Moisture Control- The Biggest Challenge for P. P. Plastopack Ltd.

The Company’s operation is located in a geographic area which has high humidity for almost seven to eight months in a year. Many of the raw materials used are either hygroscopic or have moisture carrying capacity, which is not favourable for achieving desired mechanical properties and finish in the final product. Also, being a leading supplier of the 60ml and 90ml bottles in the pharma packaging segment, the company has to ensure that stringent quality standards (such as ASTM or DIN) are being matched by their finished product. A little deviation from the desired moisture level and exact dewpoint maintenance, can lead to extreme conditions leading to whole lot rejections and hence huge financial losses.

Continued Confidence in Relationship

P. P. Plastopack strive for optimal quality and reliability, brought Bry-Air into the picture. On discovering that there is reduction in quality of the finished product because of humidity and moisture content of polymer, they decided to go for a dehumidifying dryer with hopper and auto loader. On screening the market with an objective to source best equipment among available options, they found Bry-Air Plastic Auxiliary Equipment to be the most suitable with good local support from technically competent teams. Their decision was influenced by their earlier experience of product performance and reliability of service. Bry-Air has been associated with P. P. Plastopack since 2010.

Solution is with Bry-Air

It is not only important to dry the material being processed to a specific level but also to ensure that the process is consistent batch after batch.

Bry-Air installed New Honeycomb Resin Dehumidifying Dryer combo(BHD-60) with hopper and auto loader to control dewpoint and temperature at P. P. Plastopack. These dryers are capable of removing moisture from the polymers in granular form. Bry-Air Resin Dryers “incorporate the BryWheel” desiccant rotor specially crafted for very low dewpoint upto (-) 45 ºC. This has made P. P. Plastopack to meet stringent customer requirement and to have consistent rise in their profits by

  • Saving Energy
  • More Recurring Orders due to Superior Finish
  • Reduced Product Rejection
  • Less Maintenance
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