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Jubillant Opts for EcoScrub to remove Gas Odour and Limit Corrosion

Jubiliant Organosys Limited is an integrated pharmaceutical industry player with a wide range of products and services for global life sciences companies. The company is one of the largest custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) and drug discovery services companies in India. The company strives to accelerate the process of pharmaceutical drug discovery by partnering with innovative pharmaceutical companies offering them products and services across the drug discovery process. Jubilant has a presence in generic pharmaceuticals business in the US and supply dosage forms along with regulatory services to European generic companies. The Company is a collaborator who lets innovation work to the advantage of its customers and accelerate global drug development efforts.

  • The plant is designed with the latest in computer process control and automation.
  • Each process throughout the plant incorporates its own control center, motor control rooms and computer rack rooms.
  • Production losses due to presence of contaminants in TG Control Room and UPS Room.
  • The cause : Gas Phase Contaminants such as  Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine, Ammonia etc.

The Source of the problem:

When people move in and out of the control room, or power failure occurs there is a fluctuation in temperature and humidity. Small portions of the circuits, then  fall below the dewpoint temperature.

Gaseous contaminants like Hydrogen Sulfide, elemental Sulfur , organic sulfur compounds like mercaptans, oxidised forms of sulfur like  SO2 (sulfur dioxide), SO3 (sulfur trioxide), Nitrogen oxides No, Cl2, Ammonia and derivatives, photochemical species  etc., which present are present in the Control rooms in low concentrations of ppb condense with the metal on ICs, and other electronic and electrical parts and form a non conducting layer which resists current flow leading to thermal failures or short circuits.

Corrosion of metals is caused primarily by the attack of gaseous contaminants and is accelerated by heat and moisture.  The severity of damage depends on the kind of contaminant. Chlorine for example is over 200 times more damaging  than ammonia. Only 10 ppb of Chlorine causes similar amount of damage as 2500 ppb of ammonia.

The entire plant runs with the help of steam turbine. During manufacture of the pharmaceutical chemicals and steam generated by the coal fire boiler, high concentrations of sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia gas are emitted. These gases are not only odorous, but also highly corrosive and damages electronic components of the process control. Power generation and production down time due to corroded circuit was a risk, which Jubiliant Organosys was not willing to take.

Bry-Air Gas Phase Air Filters to the rescue

Bry-Air, a leading manufacturer of gas phase air filtration systems did an environment assessment at Jubiliant Organosys.Bry-Air installed Environment Condition Monitors at many locations, TG Control room, Boiler Control room and Pyridine Control room and other areas where corrosion was a concern. ECM Monitor is a device used to determine the overall corrosive environment before control measures are implemented and which shows results instantly as per the ISA standard S71.04-1985, which defines environment as G1, G2, G3, and GX based on corrosion severity level.

With the help of ECM Monitors, Bry-Air identified the areas which had greatest need for air filtration and installed Bry-Air deep bed EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration  outside the control room for pressurization purpose and vertical stand along EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System inside the control room for recirculating the air.

The deep bed EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System are self-contained units incorporating all particulate filters, chemical filters and supply fan.

Bry-Air installed total number of 10 EcoScrub units in various control rooms. These not only maintains the environment as per ISA 71.04 but also removes odour from the control room which affects the human health. The monitoring programme assured G1 level all the time as per Instrument Society of American standard 71.04.

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