» Bry-Air – Gas Phase Filtration Systems protecting server failures at Paharpur Business Center
BryairGas Phase FiltrationBry-Air – Gas Phase Filtration Systems protecting server failures at Paharpur Business Center

Bry-Air – Gas Phase Filtration Systems protecting server failures at Paharpur Business Center

Electronic cities, IT hubs, Television studios, Software parks  are now a landmark of almost all major cities. These super modern buildings with state-of-the-art infrastructures houses BPOs, KPOs, television studios, financial and telecom services and many similar centers which run 24 x 7.

The life line of these facilities is their servers which powers all their work. Downtime means loss of business. Owners, developers, facility managers all strive to build and maintain a fail safe IT infrastructure. Yet many of these top of the line facilities incorporating cutting edge technology housed inconditioned power backed server rooms break down all too often. Facility managers and IT heads are often at a loss to pinpoint the cause of frequent breakdowns of their servers !

Gases Pollutants outside air is the single major cause !
These multi-storied buildings are centrally conditioned typically with AHUs on every floor. Most of these systems are designed to take in fresh air and suck in the contaminated outside air.

Contaminants like Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen Chlorine, etc present in the atmosphere thus gets “sucked” in the  conditioned space.

The source of contaminant gases can be a sewerage drain (eg in Noida), or the fact that the building was built on landfill (in Malad), or the building being located in high traffic zone. The contaminant gases reacts with the copper and silver metals in server cards, EVA, computer cards, etc resulting in electronic corrosion which causes the servers to malfunction and breakdown.

Energy Saving plus Healthy Air at PBC

PBC, Paharpur Business Centre is a ultra modern business center housing many Fortune 500 companies. PBC is located in one of theoldest modern commercial hub, Nehru place, in Delhi. The high traffic density makes it polluted.

To ensure that the occupants of its fancy offices were breathing in quality air as well to save energy, PBC has installed DRI’s Treated Fresh Air Unit customized with a Bry-Air EcoScrub module. While the TFA ensure energy recovery from exhaust of conditioned air the Ecoscrub module chemically filters out contaminant gases like SO2, NO2 etc emitted by the vehicles from the fresh air stream.
Paharpur Business Centre now breathes easy !

A Breath of Pure Air !

Computers no longer break down due to corrosion. People are breathing pure and clean air. No odour. No corrosion. The air quality is of G1 class (least corrosion rate) inside the facility.

They are breathing easy . . .

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