» Controlling condensation at SIRIM-National Metrology Lab, Malaysia
BryairDesiccant DehumidifiersControlling condensation at SIRIM-National Metrology Lab, Malaysia

Controlling condensation at SIRIM-National Metrology Lab, Malaysia

The crux of the problem at SIRIM-National Metrology Lab, Malaysia was condensation of water vapour. Condensation causes corrosion and micr-corrosion which in turn leads to inaccurate obsevations in many critical experiments. Condensation is a common problem that ocurs due to temperature differential i.e. when water vapour condenses on any surface cooler than the dewpoint of the surrounding air.

A sudden rise in temperature of air in the instrumentation room, typically on account of a power cut / breakdown at the time of start up and even on shut down of aircondnioning equipment result in condensation of water vapour on the cold surface of the instruments, leading to problems of reduced life cycle, inaccurate reading, corrosion etc. The end result is increased costs of maintenance and replacement.

To counter the problem of condensation, Bry-Air Dehumidifiers were installed althe SIRIM, National Metrology Lab, Malaysia.

SIRIM-National Metrology Lab is Malaysia’s National custodian of weights and measures. SIRIM offers measurement and calibration services to cover the needs of almost every industry. In addnion, it also primarily responsible for technical advisory services for industrial calibration and proficiency as well as training.


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