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BALI – Bry – Air Learning Institute

Learning & Development (L&D) programs are taken up under the umbrella of our internal knowledge enhancement centre, BALI, the Bry-Air Learning Institute.

At BALI, training programs are focused on increasing and elevating human resource capacity and capability through continuous education, evaluation and empowerment.

At Bry – Air we have categorised training into five types:

  • Organisational Training: These training programs are essential for maintaining effective administration & control, healthy work culture and conducive environment in the organisation. It includes corporate mission, housekeeping, attitude and discipline, company rules, etc.
  • Functional Training: These are training which are specifically essential for an individual to perform his job functions effectively. HOD can recommend required training to the Training Head/ HRM Department, and Training Head shall conduct the training.
  • Department Related Training: These are the training for a particular department or more than one department, as result of developments in the field of science, technology, etc. This training for improving skills shall be imparted to all the employees of a department/ section as applicable.
  • Career Related Training: Career development trainings are the trainings to be identified for those selected individual whom the management considers suitable to undertake higher/ additional responsibility within the organisation.
  • Individual Development Training: Individual development training is the training needs of an individual that have been identified from gap analysis exercise.


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